I’ve noticed this Best of Skincare Tag Video has been floating around lately and I thought I might have a stab at it. And by that I mean Alana Davidson did it and I want to be here. Just kidding. Like 40% kidding. She’s beautiful and you must gaze upon her face. Annnd transition. The tag looked fun and sometimes it’s nice to just have a good ol’ chat about skincare. So let’s dive in friends.

1. Skin type?

Oily, combination. I’m oily in the t-zone and normal on the cheeks and I can be a bit of sensitive snowflake.

2. Skincare product storage?

The skincare that I’m currently using gets stored in the bathroom. Any unopened skincare I store in my bedroom where it’s much cooler. That way it lasts longer. I have a lot of skincare waiting to be opened because of the gratis system at Sephora and I hate the thought of it going bad before I can get to it.

3. Favourite ingredient?

Oils. I’m tempted to go for something more exciting like AHAs or BHAs, but it’s got to be oil. I love oil cleansers, I love rich oil-based moisturizers and I love adding straight oils like Rosehip to my skincare routine. There are so many benefits – cleansing, hydrating, balancing, antibacterial.

4. Most indulgent product?

Like most of us, I don’t have the budget to go out and buy really luxe products. I’m lucky in that I get given a lot of travel sizes and sometimes even full sizes of beautiful products through work. I think the most indulgent thing I’ve tried and would love to own is the Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex. It’s $50 US for a tiny bottle. But it’s incredibly rich and hydrating and has a very therapeutic quality to it. The smell is incredible.

5. Best budget buy?

The Cerave Hydrating Cleanser is a fantastic deal. It’s $15, give or take, for a giant bottle and the formula is bangin’. It’s a gel consistency that doesn’t strip the skin at all. Rather, it leaves it feeling perfectly balanced. It contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which are a great hydrating ingredients, and it doesn’t contain any potentially irritating fragrances.

6. Any tools?

I own a Foreo and a Clarisonic. I don’t use the Clarisonic regularly because it can be too much for my skin. However, it’s great for helping to remove an especially full face of makeup at the end of the day. It also provides a nice light exfoliation, despite the company’s claims otherwise. The Foreo is much more gentle and easy to use daily. To be honest my favourite tool is one that I shouldn’t even own, a blackhead extractor. I. AM. DR. PIMPLE. POPPER.

… go ahead and picture that in a “this is Sparta” style.

7. Best Mask(s)?

I’ll level with ya, I’m not much of a mask person. I generally believe more in overnight treatments. I do however really enjoy the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask though and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the sensation of the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment.

8. Best multi-use?

This isn’t exciting, but I’m going with coconut oil. You can use it as a cleanser. It’ll break down all your makeup and you just wipe it away with a washcloth. You can use it to hydrate your skin and help treat breakouts. You can use it on your body and in your hair… heck, you can put it anywhere… for anything… bow chica bow wow. I’m sorry.

9. Favourite brand?

This is tough for me. I love a lot of brands for different reasons. Tata Harper pops to mind just because I love how environmentally friendly the brand is and how much commitment they have to being clean and wholesome. On the flip side, I also love La Roche Posay because I think they’re so phenomenal for sensitive skin. Caudalie and Fresh are definitely up there too. The brand I’m really curious about at the moment is Drunk Elephant because it’s almost a marriage between the two worlds.

10. Best spot treatment?

Most spot treatments claim to “dry out” spots with ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or sulfur. I’m sure they can help a bit (more effectively as preventative treatments) but it’s pretty damn hard to dry out a pile of pus, excuse the gross, blatant language. The Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers are the shiz though because they absorb the pus. Basically they’re these little bandages that you place over your zit (you’ll need to carefully pop your zit first) and they suck up all the pus overnight. It’s the same thing they use for blisters. It’s disgusting and delightful all at once. I did a whole extensive review on them.

11. Favourite skincare routine step?

Cleansing. I love the feeling of breaking down all the dirt, oil and makeup I have on my face at the end of the day. It feels magical. Plus if I’m feeling less lazy than usual, I’ll give myself a little facial massage and that’s always lovely and relaxing.

12. Skincare wish list?

Where does one start? I’d love a full size of the Tatcha Cleansing Oil. I’d be tickled if the Sunday Riley Luna Oil fell into my lap. I wouldn’t say no to the Drunk Elephant Glycolic Night Serum or Babyfacial. Nor would I say no to the Amore Pacific Future Response Cream. But what I’ll probably get my hands on next is some stuff from The Ordinary. I’m crazy about the idea of that brand and I can actually afford it!

  • Cleanse & polish is such a classic!

    Annabel ♥

    Mascara & Maltesers

  • I’ve clicked on this post because i have wanted to take part in a skincare tag for a long time, but I hadn’t found one until now. I’ll be writing a post sure and i will mention you. It’s great that despite having oily skin you know the benefits of oils. They are so good for the skin…and nothing compares to a good oily cleanser (which for me usually comes in the form of a balm). My favourite mask is Antipodes Aura mask, but that’s because I have very dry skin. And Cleansing is my favourite step too. I love discovering new cleansers and splurging in a new one every now and then. Have a great day xx


    • I just read through your post again and really enjoyed it. So I’m in England right now and I’ve gone into space nk twice and thought about the oskia and Emma’s hardy cleansers, but they’re so expensive! Which one would you do? I hear so much good stuff about both of them that’s it seems impossible to decide.
      I’m also going to look into that Manuka honey Cleanser you talked about it your post. Any other Boots skincare recommendations? I think I’m going to go back tomorrow.

      • Hi Holly! I would highly recommend you to get the Oskia cleanser on beautybay because not only they ship worlwide (if you are in the Uk it will be even quicker) but they also have the lowest prices. For sure lower than in space nk. I say the Oskia cleanser since you have oily skin it would probably be better. Not that balms are greasy but people with oily skin tend to be afraid of these very oily textures. That’s my advice. I love that Good Thing Cleanser from Boots and it worked very well on my skin when removed with a flannel. Soap&Glory the Ultimelt works similarly but it is slightly more expensive. Other products I recommend are the Nip and Fab Glycolic Extreme Pads and Hydraluron if you ever have dehydrated skin (another good option is the Hydrating serum from the Superdrug skincare range). Let me know if you have more questions. I’m glad if I can help you! xx

        • Awesome! I bought the Good Things cleanser on your recommendation! And I’ll wait on the Oskia if it’s cheaper online. We got the nip and fab at the mario masterclass so im looking forward to using those! I’ve had hydraluron before too. Its nice. It reminds me of the PTR viz1000. I like talking to you about skincare! Good stuff.

  • i bought a cold pressed rosehip oil last year and i tried mixing it with my moisturizer but it was a little too rich so i tried applying it alone as a moisturizer and i’m not sure why but it made my T-zone turned into a greasier mess? is that even possible haha.. i think even though i have oily combo skin like you, the humidity and temperature in where i live is, well…different. not sure if i know what i’m saying but i stopped using rosehip oil. compared to rosehip oil, i prefer borage oil since it didn’t turn my T-zone into a greasy hotdog. i heard jojoba oil works better in controlling sebum for oily combo skin but i have yet to try that. and cleansing is my personal favorite too. i mean, who doesn’t love that freshly cleansed feeling, right? 😀

    • Were you using it at night or during the day? I definitely don’t mind being a grease beast at night but I hate it during the day. I’ve tried jojoba. It was decent but the smell was super off putting to me. I haven’t tried borage though! Very intuiting. Where do you get yours?

      • i used the oil at night. maybe i’m not used to intense hydration which i might have misunderstood as greasy mess? sometimes it feels like the oil isn’t completely absorbed, if that makes sense. since i don’t live in the U.S, it’s difficult for me to get such oils (there’s nothing like walgreens or target in where i live.) i bought mine from a local organic store.

  • Chantalle

    Surprisingly this is the first time that I have stumbled across this tag – but I am glad I did because I am definitely going to ahead and do it myself! I have never tried Tata Harper before as they doing sell in Australia currently but from what I have heard they seem amazing products that I would love to try! Facial Oils also have to be one of my favourite ingredient/product as well, especially Rosehip Oil! xx

    Chantalle |

    • Yeah Tata Harper is definitely not easily accessible yet. Do you guys have a lot of “whole foods” type brands? It’s a really similar idea. Brands like Andalou are much cheaper and definitely worth checking out. Glad you like rosehip oil too!