Recently I wrote a post on 10 Must See Beauty Videos. False. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica. Today I realized that that post wasn’t actually recent at all. It was written almost a year ago. So it’s time for an update! A lot has changed in a year. I hardly recognize myself. Somewhere along the line I became a person that watches Desi Perkins and NikkieTotorials. For some time I was very reluctant to admit this change in myself…to myself… seeing as I don’t generally enjoy heavy makeup. However, I cannot deny that these ladies have such incredible, high level artistry skills that it’s a pleasure to watch them. Of course I still love my usual English/Aussie crowd so we’ll be getting a bit of both in today’s mix. Onward with the 10 picks.

Desi Perkins

Glitter Crease
Desi wasn’t the first person to “invent the glitter cut crease,” but she does execute it beautifully in this tutorial. Glitter cut creases are such a great way to go because you don’t have to be nearly as perfect at cutting the crease as you normally do, but it still looks amazing.

Smoked Out Wing
This is what dreams are made of. A beautiful, smoked out winged liner with a feline tear duct and a soft pink, nude lip. What more could you want? Save this one for Valentine’s day, as she intended.


How To Fake A Nose Job
There are lots of girls on Youtube and Instagram that can cut a crease perfectly, but there’s only one girl I know of that can cut a nose with such skill. No, I’m not talking about Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon, I’m talking about NikkieTutorials. Yeah, that joke was in poor taste. This tutorial on how to contour your nose is INSANE. It legitimately looks nice a nose job. I bow down Nikkie, I bow down.

Chloe Morello

Viva Glam Ariana Grande Lips & Bedroom Eyes
There was definitely a point at which I thought Chloe Morello was on drugs, then I realized that she’s just the funniest human on Earth and she gives zero fucks. I like this perfectly balanced combo of a sultry, smokey eye and dark plum lip.

Neon Pink Ombre Lip with Drugstore Products
I really enjoy that Chloe took inspiration from Korean makeup when creating this tutorial. She does that awesome ombre effect with the lips that I love so much, while keeping the skin looking dewy and oh so fresh.

Gorgeous Natural Glow
This is the most natural tutorial of the bunch, but I wanted to include it because I think Chloe nails dat healthy glow. This is the kind of makeup that I would wear most days if I had the choice (you’re required to wear more at Sephora).

Karima McKimmie

Clean Glossy Skin & Dark Red Lip
Karima is my God. She has the skills of gals like Nikkie and Desi, but she works with a much lighter hand and aims for much more natural looking skin. I LOVE this chic, polished but not overdone look. So high fashion. Scrumptious.

Tanya Burr

Emma Watson Christmas Party Makeup
This will be the makeup I do for my next Christmas party. This warm, plummy look has the perfect festive feel to it. I wish I’d gotten my hands on the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Candy Glam Palette that she used in this tutorial. Here’s to hoping she brings it back this Christmas.

Jaclyn Hill

Halo Smokey Eye
Gah, I struggle with this one. Generally, I have trouble with Jaclyn Hill’s makeup esthetic because it’s a lot. However, the woman knows her stuff. She understands formulas and knows how to achieve the effect she’s aiming for. She’s undeniably talented. This halo eye tutorial highlights that fact. It’s the best one I’ve seen on Youtube to date.


Gorgeous Mahogany Makeup
Ending on a completely different note, PonyMakeup is a channel I’ve enjoyed from the first video I found. Pony is an amazing, world renown, Korean makeup artist with her own beauty line. It’s really interesting watching makeup being done in a different manor than we’re used to in the West. I picked this makeup tutorial, despite being fairly Western inspired, because it’s just so bomb. But check out her whole channel!

Please tell me if there’s anyone you fancy that does good tutorials. I love watching and practicing new skills.