This, mes amis, is Brooke. She has the face of an angel. She’s practically made of eyes, lashes, cheekbones and lips. It’s borderline annoying to look at. So naturally I stole her face for today! I gave it back, don’t worry, but it was great while it lasted. 10/10 face borrowing.

Brooke and I chatted a bit about what kind of makeup to do and we decided to go whole hog. As you can see, we ended up going for an intensely drawn out smokey eye in blacks and greys. Granted, it’s not the most practical everyday eye (as the sales assistant at La Senza seemed to indicate later on that day), but if you have an extra special event to attend or a desire to look fierce as hell alone in your living room while eating popcorn and watching rom-coms, then this is the look for you! So, let me break it down.

Step 1: Use a black cream shadow and a fluffy brush to build the underlying structure of the eye. I find it’s easiest to extend the shadow past the bottom lash line to get that drawn out look and then join in together on the top.

Step 2: Using a small flat shader brush, pack a shimmery black shadow over the structure that you’ve created to build intensity. At this point you can start to adjust the shape a bit more to your liking.

Step 3: This eye needs the tightline and waterline to be completely filled to look right. We used a long lasting gel liner for this. We added that same gel liner to the top lash line and smudged it out. At this point we also took a grey transition shade and blended out the edges ever so softy. You’ll want to use a small smudger brush for this.

Step 4: It’s clean up time. Use some cleansing water on a small brush to clean up any wobbles in your lines and reshape as needed. A bit of concealer works well too. Pop on some volumizing mascara (or falsies if you don’t have lashes like Brooke) and the eye will start to come together.

Step 5: The last thing you need to do before moving onto the rest of your face is brows! We extended the length of Brooke’s brows to mirror the length of the eye shadow a bit better. Voila!



So what do you guys think? Face of an angel right?