You know you work at Sephora when this conversation happens.

Me: Man, I wish I had a Luna.
Co-worker: Oh, I have one. You can have it. I don’t want it.
Me: What? No, that’s crazy.
Co-worker: No really. I don’t care.
Me: Okay, well I’m baking you some cookies.
Co-worker: Okay.

The reason I wanted to try the Foreo Luna is because it seems like everything I’d want from the Clarisonic, but much, much more gentle. It’s a silicon facial brush that uses sonic vibrations to deep cleanse. Similar to facial massage, that sort of stimulation increases blood flow to the skin which can boost collagen production and help promote healing of scars and hyperpigmentation. It also improves skins elasticity and reduces signs of ageing.

Foreo doesn’t claim that the Luna exfoliates the skin, but I’ve noticed that my skin does feel gently exfoliated after using it. I also read various reviews where others had mentioned they felt the same way. I’m quite keen on the idea because I like to give my skin a bit of physical exfoliation, but I often find that face scrubs are much too harsh. I use the device once a day, as I tried twice and it felt like too much.

So, I suppose the $100 question is “is it worth the money?” I’ve noticed that my skin does feel smoother since this little ditty came into my life a couple months ago. I enjoy the process of using it. It feels nice and ticklish on my face. It also encourages me to cleanse for longer as it’s on a timer. But, at the same time I think it’s hard to know if it’s doing a lot of the stuff that I want it to do. Healing scars, evening skin tone and preventing fine lines are not easy factors to measure. I suppose I have to put my faith in the power of sonic vibrations. So, in a bizarre and roundabout way, it appears as though my answer is yes. Yes, it is worth the money… probably. Well, I like it at any rate.