Bonjorno. I’m back for an update! Now I know hearing about my thoroughly unexciting life may not tickle everyone’s sister, but for those few that have a strange curiosity about the least interesting woman in the world (no Dos Equis for me), you’re in luck? A question mark seemed to be the only appropriate punctuation there. I wrote a post about goals for the coming months back in June and some big changes have happened since then. It would feel strange not to tell you guys about any of them.

1. I moved!
I moved off the tiny island that I was living on and into the big city. I’ve inherited 3 quirky friends, a gay sidekick and I’ve started writing a column about sex. Also my face looks like a foot. Just kidding, I haven’t turned into Carrie Bradshaw. I really have moved into the city though and it’s been great. I must admit, I do miss certain parts of the island life (really just certain people), but being in the city is like suddenly being presented with a world of opportunity. The other night, around midnight, I got snacky, so I walked down the street and got pizza. Crazy. Back on the island it was like “well, it’s 7:00PM, I guess I’ll just wait until tomorrow to eat.” Freedom!

2. I got a new job
This was the biggest thing for me. I needed to leave the job that I was at about 3 years ago, but I was frozen with anxiety. It just seemed too scary. I’m happy to report that I had my last day at my old job a week ago and I started my new job on Tuesday. Woohoo! So where did I get a new job? If you guess Sephora, you guessed right! Awfully fitting isn’t it? I’m really happy to finally be working in the industry that I trained in. So far it’s been a very positive experience.

3. I got piggies
One thing I surprised myself with was getting pets. After I got hired at Sephora I thought to myself “frack it, let’s do this.” I went to the pet store and, low and behold, two guinea pigs came home with me. Ash and Kristofferson are the new loves of my life and I’m so happy I went for it. They’re so sweet and I love their twitchy little noses and scrumptious feet. I can’t wait to do more photoshoots with them.

So I’ve completed 3 out of the 7 goals I was shooting for. It may not be all of them yet, but I achieved the most important ones on the list. Next up: get back in shape and back on track with blogging. Please, please, tell me what changes have been going on in your lives. I don’t want this to be a one way street.