I have been lusting after the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu for years now. I never went for it before because I lived on an island where men seem never to have heard of makeup. That’s all good and well, but when you decide to actually wear lipstick and you receive about twenty comments in one day saying “huh, you’re wearing lipstick,” well, you just kind of give up. However, my recent move into the city warranted a celebration of makeup. And thus, Train Bleu finally became mine.

This shade is really quite bold, if I do say so myself. It’s about as close to black as you can get without wearing black. I fancy it because it still has just enough warmth that it doesn’t read completely dead (some may disagree with this point), but it still has enough violet that it’s eye catching. The formula is matte, matte, matte and applies best with the tiniest bit of lip balm underneath. P.s. You’re going to want to give your lips a good scrubbing first.

Colours this intense can be tricky to style. I find what works best is to keep a very clean complexion and avoid eye shadow all together. Instead I used a light slick of mascara and a touch of blush to avoid looking too drained. To balance out the lip, rather than doing a smokey eye, I amped up my brows, filling them in as usual and thickening them with a tinted brow gel. Finally, I straightened my hair and pushed it back with a little paste. But hey, you do you. Whatever works!