I love learning about makeup. It’s been a passion of mine for many years now. I love watching tutorials, I love listening to pro tips and I love hearing about product recommendation. I swear Youtube has taught me more than makeup school ever did (not that I didn’t love school too). Over the years I’ve grown quite attached to a few Youtubers, ones that never cease to impress me with the breadth of knowledge and their ability to teach. These are my top ladies.

Lisa Eldridge
Let’s start with the queen bee. As I mentioned in my Favourite Youtubers Of All Time post, world renown makeup artist, Lisa, is the reason I got into makeup. She was the first makeup Youtuber I ever came across and she had an instant captivating effect on me. Everything she does is so well thought out – the colour combinations she uses, the mix of textures, the placement of products – there’s so much detail in what she does. I’ve learnt many a useful technique from her that I carry with me every day.

Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo
These sisters are amazing. Aside from being wonderful role models, they’re also both excellent makeup artists. They’re equally full of handy tips. For example, they don’t just talk about “how to contour” like everyone else, they talk about “how to contour to compliment your specific face shape.” There’s real artistry to what they do. They’re a well-spring of both everyday looks and more out there creative looks. I have to say, I particularly enjoy Sam’s less wearable looks. Those are the type of makeup looks I love creating myself.

Harry from Harry Makes It Up
I love that Harry uses such a wide variety of models. While it’s often nice to become familiar with someone’s face, it’s actually really helpful to learn makeup on a whole whack of different face shapes. Harry has a great assortment of teaching videos, touching on useful how-tos, latest trends and classic looks. Her work is really exquisite and really worth taking a look through.

Karima from Shameless Fripperies
When I posted about my favourite Youtubers, this was the name that kept coming up in the comments. Everyone told me I needed to check out Karima. Well my friends, I do in fact know Karima, but I had planned to save her for this post. She is an incredible resource. For someone that isn’t working worldwide as a makeup artist she has an insane amount of skill. She puts just as much thought and detail into her work as Lisa. Her ability to perfect the skin, while keeping it look completely natural is quite staggering. Also her skill in contouring, brow shaping and winged liner is stellar.

Tanya Burr
If you want inspiration for a glamorous night out, it’s got to be Tanya. She makes me want to reach for my most sparkly eyeshadows and most vibrant blushes. She’s a real sweetheart and it’s been quite fascinating to watch her makeup aesthetic develop over the years.

Sharon Farrell
Oh Sharon, talk to me in the Irish accent forever. Another fantastic working makeup artist, Sharon is full on useful tips on improving the longevity of your makeup, dealing with oily skin problems and lots of other good stuff. She has SO many glorious makeup tutorials to choose from. You could literally watch her for days on end. I love her sense of humour and her creativity. What a winner.

I know there was quite a bit of crossover with my Favourite Youtubers post. Apologies for that, but hopefully this can provide a good launch point for anyone looking to learn the ways of the makeups.