One of the best things about going to makeup school was getting to learn tips and tricks from top notch makeup artists. A great little tip I learned from @win_liu was how to fully coat blonde lashes with mascara. It’s all down to one simple tool.

The lash brush is essentially a tiny fan brush for you eyelashes. You coat it with mascara (I just brush it against my mascara wand) and then paint your lashes. The beauty of this brush is that it’s able to nestle into the very roots of your lashes, particularly the top of your lashes, which can be near impossible to get at with a conventional mascara wand. This guy isn’t just for blonde lashes either. It’s great for anyone who likes to really define their lash line. Even naturally dark lashes will look a lot more intense with some bulking at the root. I realize that not everyone has time for this sort of attention to detail. A lot of us just want to get on with our days, but for those of us that either love the process of applying makeup or are committed to achieving those beautiful Bambi eyes, this is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

I purchased my lash brush from StudioFX, but you can find them in loads of places. Both MAC and Sephora sell versions and most industry supply stores will have them at a more affordable price.