It’s odd that I’m writing a post with this title because I am so not a Kylie Jenner type of girl. I’ve never been into the Kardashian makeup style and I doubt I ever will be. I still don’t understand this “famous for being famous thing.” Still, I find myself enjoying this rebirth of the 90’s lip that Kylie Jenner has brought about. It’s something different to the light nude lip that’s been in style for so long (not that I don’t love that look). So I started looking out for something that would hit the spot.

I checked out the usual MAC Stripdown and Soar lip liners, but I didn’t want anything too, too dark. I also checked out Velvet Teddy, but that was a tad too brown for me. Then I saw MAC Mehr and I was thoroughly tickled. So of course I didn’t buy it. Classic. Instead I went home and thought about it for a month. Inevitably I went back and purchased it.

It’s the perfect 90’s/Kylie Jenner lip for pale girls. It’s not so dark that it’s intimidating and it’s not so brown that it looks muddy. It’s got that hint of rosiness that makes it more wearable. It surprises me that I haven’t heard more about this lipstick on the blogosphere. The formula is lovely too. It’s nice and creamy for a matte. I’ll be reaching for this one when I’m in the mood to try and look cool. We can all dream.