I have got a revelation for anyone out there who suffers from acne. My friends, I introduce to you hydrocolloid bandages, or more specifically Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers. These little beasties are very popular on r/skincareaddiction, but they’re not really something I’ve seen talked about in the beauty blogging world. I wanted to get the word out because they’ve been a huge help to me. I’ll explain how they work.

You know all those spot treatments that claim to dry up your spot overnight and leave it healed by the morning? And you know how they pretty much never work? These actually do. The instructions say to simply place the bandage over your spot, however I find in order for these to work properly the spot needs to be punctured. I would suggest disinfecting the area and pulling the skin apart, rather than pushing it together, to open the wound up with the least amount of trauma to the area. Apologies for the gory details. At any rate once you have sort of… created an opening… you place the bandage over top. They have an odd gel texture to them that absorbs any excretion overnight.

In the morning you take off the bandage and you can actually see that it’s absorbed everything (again, gross I know) and your spot is nice and flat. It just nips the whole days of waiting for the inflammation to go down thing in the bud. I do tend to have some redness left in the area, but frankly that’s fine with me. You can cover redness with makeup, what you can’t cover is the shadow cast from an inflamed spot. Hallelujah! Has anyone else tried these?

  • How have these not taken the beauty world by storm? They sound amazing. I am definitely going to keep my eye out for this. I'm so tired of treatments that don't work.

  • These are super popular in Asia!

  • omg I've never been able to find these! Where did you find them?

  • That is something I'm will probably purchase! I have acne pro skin too and even if I take some medication for that, sometimes I still have some really painfull spots. I'm gonna add this to my next Amazon order 😉

  • Heh I bought a pack of these in Hong Kong and use them occasionally – usually when I have a ma-hoo-ssive white head. I usually find it helps bring them down and help…absorb the pussy crap. I don't usually "break" it open beforehand though! Makes sense…but it is quite gory haha!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • Haha I actually do the same technique but without the patches. I puncture the spot and then bombard it with toner and treatment and it usually works. These patches look prety nifty tho! Are they actually really transparent when on? Can you walk out with these and no one would know? haha

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • I've tried a version of these that are around on the Australian drugstore and they were ok at calming things down a little but I never thought to open the spot up first!

    Ash /

  • I swear Asian skincare is way ahead of what we've got going on here.

  • I got mine off of amazon.

  • Definitely worth it because they're only $8. There's not much to lose.

  • HA! Ma-hoo-ssive. That is an amazing word. Thank you for that.

  • Hahaha oh yeah. The package talks about them like you could wear them during the day and cover them with makeup. But no. Definitely not. They're not really transparent – more translucent – and they're way too thick. Definitely a night time thing.

  • I found it didn't really do anything when the spot wasn't open. Everything just stayed exactly in place instead of absorbing.

  • I love lurking in r/skincareaddiction! Those ladies (and lads) are super helpful and friendly.

  • I know! I feel like every time I do a skincare related post, I'm always linking out to it, the new website, and twitter. Haha. But that's the great thing about it, it only gets more awesome as more people start checking it out ^^

  • They are amazing! I feel like everyone should know about r/skincareddiction.

  • This is both disgusting and very interesting. I feel like I need to pick these up just for the experience alone haha. I don't tend to break out, but now and then they'll be a pesky bugger that just wont seem to come to the surface. I'm intrigued.

  • Dude. You get zits? Your skin looks like you've transplanted a baby's butt onto your face. It's the most smooth, flawless thing I've ever seen.
    …Nonetheless, you should totally get some of these. Oh my god if you're secretly someone that loves disgusting, satisfying things, then you will appreciate these.

  • Hahaha, now and then I do! Usually a week before my period I'll get a couple. I have one lurking on my chin right now and it's just a hard sore lump and wont come out no matter what I do! I've been trying to burn it out with tea tree oil haha.

  • Never heard of these before but I think I need to order some now. You've sucked me in! PS I'm so glad I discovered your beautiful blog! It's fanatastic 🙂

  • Hey hey! Thanks Victoria!

  • Ah the nodules. Those are bastards. I get them too. Apparently all you can do is either wait, try to draw them out with heat or get cortisone shots.

  • They sound amazing, I can't believe they actually work. I don't get many spots but when I do… they're always so stubborn and never want to leave my face! I hope we can get them in the UK!

    Becki |

  • In am definitely checking this out. It's not like I have acne, but every now and then I get a nasty spot on my chin that can last more than one week… any speeding the process is welcome.

    Also, I fell out of the Reddit van wagon quite a while ago, but I really should get into checking /r/Skincareaddiction again.. super helpful stuff.

  • I read about hydrocolloid bandages but couldn't find anything similar to these little ones in Australia. Turns out that blister bandages are often hydrocolloid (check the packet), so I just cut a big bandage up into little squares. They really do work wonders on 'open' spots.

  • These are seriously brilliant. Also, I am the ultimate lurker when it comes to r/skincareaddiction. I could (and have) seriously spend hours looking through it.

    Morgan //

  • Wow, crazy. Amazing tip! Thank you.

  • Yesss! Another lurker!