November was a wacky month. The struggle I’ve been having with anxiety has been very consuming and I’ve had a hard time getting posts out that I feel meet the standard of I want to achieve. It’s difficult to feel creative when you’re spending so much time on trying to feel normal again. At any rate, I’m slowly feeling better (though anxiety is an unpredictable thing) and I’m going to try my darnedest to produce interesting content for you guys. Anyways, enough about my enormous feelings. I’ll tell you guys what I enjoyed using in the month of November.

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask
I kind of forgot about this mask for a while there. I’ve paired down my skincare routine to be extremely simple in the past few months (post coming on that soon) so masks were pretty well put to one side. But I pulled this guy out again a short while ago and, well, things have been getting pretty serious ever since. Please imagine that last sentence in Kip’s voice. It’s an interesting mask – not as stripping as a clay mask, but not completely moisturizing. It makes for a great acne treatment for those with dry skin.

Diorskin Nude BB Cream
I recently did a full review on this BeBe. See what I did there? It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s lovely and moisturizing, with a satin finish and feels beautiful and creamy to apply.

Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush Cleaner
As someone who has some trouble with the ol’ spotty skin, I try to make sure my makeup brushes are kept good ‘n’ clean. It can be hard on brushes to be shampooed too regularly so a good “spot cleaner” is a great thing to invest in. I’ve tried a few brush cleaners, but this one is definitely the best. It effectively removes product from your brushes, smells fresh and dries quickly.

Zoeva Brushes
I won’t go picking out specific brushes that I’ve fallen for just yet. For now, all I’ll say is these Zoeva brushes have been a treat to use for the past month. They’re so soft and luxurious and they ain’t exactly hard to look at. My only criticism so far is that a few of the brushes are actually so densely packed that they’re a bit less flexible than I would like. Still, overall… just yes.

L-R: Tanya Burr’s Lipgloss in Afternoon Tea, Zoeva Graphic Eyes in Glance

Zoeva Graphic Eyes Eyeliner in Glance
The formula of these eye pencils is amazing. They glide on like butter and you just enough time to blend them out before they set rock hard. This colour reminds me quite a bit of the ever-popular Mac’s Teddy, but with the added benefit of a waterproof formula. I’ve been using it like crazy in my waterline and it lasts really well.

Tanya Burr’s Lipgloss in Afternoon Tea
This shade doesn’t seem to get as much love as many of the others, but I think it deserves it. It’s such a beautiful soft pink that pairs easily with any eye look. The pigmentation on this gloss in unbelievable too. Everyone talks about how pigmented Maybelline’s Colour Elixir Glosses are, but this was much more impressive to me. Plus, I’ll be honest, the name of this gloss completely grabbed me with a lovely sentimental feeling. It reminds me of when we used to do tea and biscuits in the afternoon with my Grandparents in England.

Elf Mechanical Eyelash Curler
They seemed to have changed the styling of this contraption since I bought it back in the day. Hopefully it still works as well because this is one thrifty gem! I suppose everyone’s eye shape is different, but I’ve found these curlers to be mighty impressive. They open nice and wide (sounds like a dentist’s office) and add a good, strong curl. Elf also sells replaceable pads for them, which is so useful. More companies should do that. It eliminates the waste factor of having to replace the entire curler.

Asos Watch
I have no shame. I got a second Asos watch. In my defense this is the one I really wanted to start with, so when I came back in stock I snatched it up. I’ve been so impressed with Asos watches. They make for an excellent cheaper alternative to Olivia Burton or Daniel Wellington. The matching black strap and watch face really got me on this one though. Mmmm delicious. 

  • Ooh, that Antipodes mask sounds really lovely! The Asos watch is also really nice, it's does look like a great alternative to the more expensive watches.

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  • Sorry to hear you've been struggling, but keep pushing through, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel! As for your post, I really enjoyed it! That Asos watch is beautiful and I've been on the search for new brushed so Zoeva might be worth a try! Also hearing about that face mask has made me desperate to just have a wee pamper sesh! Keep on writing such lovely posts 🙂

  • I also have the elf curlers and they are pretty amazing!!! Sadly I tried the new ones too and they did literally nothing… So I'll stick to the good old ones and replace the pads if I find them in stores! 🙂

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • I really want to try the Tanya Burr glosses, Afternoon Tea is such a pretty, wearable pink! I've heard great things about the Zoeva pencils (as well as the brushes, of course). That shade looks so lovely! The Aura mask sounds like it's a good mix of moisturising and clarifying!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • The watch is gorgeous! Everyone is raving about the Daniel Wellington watches but I think they are a tad too pricey for what they are. The watch you have is gorgeous and simple; love it!

    Tweezers and Tongs

  • Those Daniel Wellington watches are so beautiful, but it would definitely be a gift for a special occasion or something. I really think the Asos one looks more expensive than it is too.

  • I think it has to be my favourite base I've ever owned.

  • I saw those Zoeva pencils on Sharon Farrel's youtube channel and they looked amazing. They did not disappoint. The red shade they make looks really nice too.

  • Nooo that's such a bummer because they were one of those hidden gems. I remember reading reviews on Makeupalley of people saying they thought that they were just as good at the Shu Uemura ones.

  • Thank you so much and have a good ol' pamper sesh tonight!

  • I'm hoping to get some Zoeva brushes for Christmas, man I will be happy if I do – can only imagine how soft they are!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • I love the look of Afternoon Tea, such a beautiful shade!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • I really want to try the Dior BB, it sounds incredible!

  • Mmmm child. They are beautiful.

  • It looks really nice and soft on the lips too. Not too crazy bright or anything.

  • There are a few brushes in particular that are just heavenly soft. I hope they make it under you tree 🙂

  • No shame on the second watch – it's great!

  • Girlfriend, I so know the feels. I just spent a whole year battling with sever anxiety. Constantly just trying to be okay. It leaves so little room for creativity and passion. Hang in there xoxo

  • I have Tanya Burr 'picnic in the park' lip gloss which is a bit brighter I believe. I love the formula and pigmentation. It's one of my favourite glosses (including the high-end ones).