There were a few things I’d been wanting to pick up from Sephora for a while now and I finally caved and did it a couple of days ago. I don’t have the easiest time spending big chunks of money on cosmetics (it still makes me cringe), so naturally I have a love/hate relationship with Sephora. They have everything you could ever want… but it’ll cost you your soul. Well apparently I was okay with selling my soul this time round. I haven’t given anything a proper go yet so this will be more of a show and tell with updates to come soon.

Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion
Am I the only one who thought lotion meant something creamy? Everyone seems to be calling toners lotions and it’s throwing me off. I grabbed this one on a bit of a whim. I usually research products more before buying them, but I only have about one use left out of my current clarifying toner and I needed a new one quickly that wasn’t too revoltingly expensive. The Clinique one fit the bill – decent price ($18), good amount of product and made with my good friend salicylic acid. The only thing that concerns me is that there are a couple of typically drying ingredients in it. We’ll have to see.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
More Clinique I know. They’re a good brand for sensitive skin though and they’re a lot more affordable than a lot of other high end lines. I really wanted to try a moisturizing gel for a change. I can’t stand too much moisturizer under my makeup as I feel like it always makes me look like a grease ball after an hour, but I thought a gel formula might be different. So far it is. I can’t speak to how well it moisturizes yet, but my god it actually dries down completely matte! I can put on a normal amount of moisturizer and I don’t feel at all oily. Hallelujah! I’m excited to see how it performs over time.

Tarte Smooth Operator Pressed Finishing Powder
Like I said, I find it hard to spend a lot of money on makeup, but I’m trying to start investing more in items that I will use everyday and powder is certainly something that gets a lot of use. I’ve never been particularly impressed with any drugstore powders (the infamous Rimmel Stay Matte is a little bit chalky for me) so I decided I’d give a high end powder a go. I went for the Tarte Pressed Powder because for one thing I love Tarte. They’re an amazing cruelty free, top quality brand. I also like that the powder it designed to be oil absorbing, but it’s also very slightly illuminating. Plus it’s translucent, which I love because there’s no risk of cakiness.

Oh-Em-Gee Gift With Purchase
Because I was a big Clinique hussy today I was given a mini Clinique gift. I got a tiny sample of the Clinique Lash Power Mascara, which I’m actually kind of excited about because I’ve always been curious about Clinique Mascaras, and a Chubby Stick Lip Balm in Super Strawberry. The Chubby Stick feels amazing on the lips. It’s much more moisturizing and balmy than the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains.

  • The Clinique moisturising gel sounds pretty damn cool! Having oily skin is like the bane of my existence and I've never considered a gel before! How long does the feeling matte last? I'm super intrigued by this product now!

    Jodie | La Lune Song

  • I'm not a big clinique fan, but the packaging on that pressed powder is amazing! So gorgeous!
    Allison from http://www.mercuteify.com

  • I love the look of the Chubby Stick, such a great gift!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • I'm interested to know what you think about the Tarte pressed powder! x

    Melissa | M is for Melissa

  • I will most definitely be talking about it again.

  • Yeah Clinique seems to be a hit or miss for people.

  • You should swatch it. I wouldn't say it necessarily keeps your skin from getting oily, but the product itself is completely matte so it doesn't add any greasiness. It feels dry on your skin almost instantly.

  • Great lil' haul, the GWP is so cute! I wasn't a big fan of Rimmel Stay Matte either, so I'm interested to hear how you go with the Tarte powder!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • You picked some amazing products! I love the photo!

    xprincessjas | x

  • Yes, calling toners "lotions" is confusing. I've heard toners called "essence" too and I don't know how to feel about that.
    I haven't really delved into Clinique skincare products but I do adore their Chubby Sticks – chunky cherry is my absolute favorite and I love the naming theme they have for all of their chubby sticks!

    beauty, style, life || bespectacled

  • Please, write about the mascara once you try it.

    I love the Clinique moisturizings. I have the Dramatically super musturizing, i can never remember the name, but I love that one. I ran out and had to use another musturizing and doh, reading your entry I realize that's why I've been looking kind of shiny and I've never looked like that before. I had no idea musturizing could affect the way your foundation looks (my forehead feels greasy and I have dry skin so that's weird and strange and I hate it). I'll try getting a new cream, then.

  • I love clinique's chubby sticks! They are pretty moisturising and have a great color pay off too! I have the shade roomiest rose, and I love using it! I too share the same love/hate with sephora. You just cant help it.. 😉

    – Chaitra | PinkPot

  • I tried the mascara a couple of times now. It's super nice. It makes your lashes really feathery, fluttery and long. It's probably not as volumizing as some though. It kind of seems like a tubing mascara too, though it doesn't say so, because it comes off your lashes with warm water in big chunks.

  • when I used to have oily skin I used the dramatically different gel and it was awesome. Even with dryer skin it works, but I add other things on top if I do use it. But I like that with gels they absorb into your skin easily without leaving a greasy residue, which is exactly what someone with oily skin doens't want. I've used their dramaically different moisture lotion also which is really good too for those on the dryer side of things. I've mostly used clinique products over all, but I'm trying some different ones currently. There's a serum by Korres that I'm using which is wild rose and something that has a nice texture that absorbs into the skin well. I don't know if you know of that brand but they're at shoppers – it's all natural and was created by homeopaths or something, anyway it's fairly expensive actually but their stuff is great.

    does the toner have alchol in it? I've never understood why they would put that in toners, I say if you have sensitive skin it might be a bad choice. I use a toner by vichy at the moment but I find even minus the alcohol it's very drying.

  • Looks like an epic haul. One of these days I'll be in North America and I'll go absolutely cray all over Sephora and basically fill up a suitcase. They've got Sephora in France, and I'm over there all the time, but it just isn't the same!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog