Round two of sharing the love has arrived. Blogs I’ve enjoyed recently. Let’s get mushy up in heeee-a! Maybe just a bit?

I love a lot of things about Jen’s blog, but I’ll start with the most important thing to me – her writing. She manages to be so honest and genuine in her writing (she opens up a quite a bit about her life) and still finds a way to cut to the chase. Her post “Thoughts On Web Writing” was full of helpful notes that I think could serve to improve anyone’s writing. One of the most engaging things about Jen’s blog though, is the fact that she constantly strives to produce unique and original content. It’s never just about presenting a pretty product; there’s always a greater idea behind the post. And if you’re like me and you’re a sucker for a good photo, she’s got those too. Finally, if all of that wasn’t enough she also co-founded a fantastic online magazine – A Little Opulent – with Rebecca from From Roses (another fantastic blog).

Life, Set Sail
Brittany is a fellow Canadian from one Province over (it says so on her blog, I’m not a stalker). She has a beautiful blog design, which is really no surprise as she actually sells blog designs on Etsy. But even without the appealing design element, there’s something instantly welcoming about Life Set Sail. It’s a really nice balance of beauty and everyday life and dayum girl, she can make me laugh. But I have to say her FOTD’s are among my favourite posts of hers. When she’s looking into the camera with those blue, blue eyes… I don’t know… you just… you can’t look away. How does she… ?

It’s becoming clear that I like a good bit of engaging writing. Pictures will draw you to a blog, but good, personable writing will keep you coming back. Natalie is another excellent writer with an interesting mix of content. Her new blog design is right up my alleyway too – clean and minimalistic. I have to admit that I kind of have this extra fondness for her too as she once wrote about me. I was feeling really low about my blog at the time and having someone say such kind words about it was a huge confidence boost. I was and still am very grateful to her for that. 

Hello October
Okay, so it’s not just Suzie’s blog that I’ve been loving lately, it’s also her YouTube videos. She deserves props for doing both superbly. I’m starting to feel like a broken record, but again, she has a way of making you feel right at home when you’re watching/reading her vlogs/blogs. She’s incredibly personable, funny and sweet and yup, you guessed it, she takes beautiful photos and writes well. But hey, you probably already knew all of this because she’s been doing very well for herself lately. Deservedly.

  • Love these ladies' blogs that you mentioned! Definitely talented and very creative writers 🙂 x

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • love lots of these ladies, it's so nice to find new bloggers and binge read all their old posts! or maybe that's just me haha!

    charlotte x

  • They are a talented bunch, and I know what you meaning about finding new awesome blogs. It's like finding a treasure trove.

  • Indeedio. Very talented.

  • Hahahaha, omg, your write-up on my blog made me laugh so hard in the end there, thank you for that! I'm so happy you tagged me on Twitter because otherwise I fear I may have never come across your beautiful blog! Of course I had to follow right away, your design/photos/writing…everything, just magic. Keep it up! Oh, and I love your blogger selection by the way. I already follow everyone mentioned, they inspire me on a daily basis too 🙂 xx

  • Thank you! That's awesome to hear coming from you. Seriously, I'm having a good swoon session over here right now. I love my blogger selection too! You guys are a talented group 🙂

  • I'm definitely checking out these blogs, I already follow two of them actually. Thank you for sharing them!
    Eilidh xo

  • Anytime. I think you're in for some good reads.

  • I've been thinking of doing round two of this kind of post too, I love to read it on other blogs! Love your favourites, they're all on my list too! 😉 xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty