I’ve been seeing Jouer pop up on blogs everywhere these days and I wanted a piece of the assction. Heh. I really like the feel of the brand. It kind of reminds me of a mash up between Laura Mercier and Josie Maran as their products are meant to achieve a natural, timeless look. The no makeup makeup thing is right up my alleyway. I couldn’t decide at first what to get from the range because although I really wanted to try their Matte Moisture Tint I hate the idea of guessing my shade online (there aren’t any stores that carry Jouer in Canada). Eventually I landed on one of their cream blushes – because who doesn’t like cream blush? – and a cream highlighter because I feel like a jerk for mentioning my discontinued Jemma Kidd highlighter all the time. 


Both the blush and the highlighter have an ultra moisturizing texture that glides on easily. They feel almost oily in a good way, like they have nice skincare benefits. I got the highlighter in the shade Champagne, which I thought would be a bit more pink than it actually is. The texture reminds me a lot of the Jemma Kidd one actually, so if anyone is wishing that they had got their hands on that one… ehhh, ehhhh? I do love a good cream highlighter though. They kind of work two fold in that you get a highlight from the actual shimmer in the product, but you also get the shine from having a cream product that doesn’t set down.

The blush is nice too. I got the shade Peony. It’s a bit sheer, but not so much that you can’t tell what colour it is. That’s definitely not the case. They’re like the Revlon Lip butters of cream blush in terms of pigmentation. I like the shade that I got, but I’ve also been eying up Amaryllis and Dahlia pretty hard. They look like gorgeous red tones. May have to go back for one of those at some point… or both.

Oh, and if you’re Canadian like me, and you want to get your hands on Jouer without paying the $35 shipping fee on their site, seems to be the best way to go. I think the shipping to Canada was somewhere around $10. 

  • Jouer is a brand that's so appealing to me. All their products seem right up my alley. Beautiful!

    Sofia |

  • I am in love with Jouer, especially their powder eyeshadows, bronzer, moisture tints, and powder blush. These 2 products look great as well!

  • If you're scared of guessing your shade in the Matte Moisture Tint you could use the Foundation Matrix on Temptalia, I find it so reliable for finding my shade in foundations or tinted moisturisers that I can't try in store!

    • That was an awesome tip. Thank you. I always forget that exists, but it's super accurate.

  • Gorgeous shades, I really want to try some Jouer products 🙂
    xxx Claire