Big lips are flippin’ attractive. Whenever I see Tanya Burr or Sammi pop a lipstick on their full lips it just looks gewd. I don’t have thin lips myself, but they’re not totally plump like those girls’ lips either. If I do feel like ramping up the sexxayyy, which happens about once every ten years (what can I say, I’m a frumpy jumper kind of a gal), I use a few tricks to help chub up the pout. What sorcery is this you ask? I reckon that there are two basic methods to exaggerate the size of your lips.

Using Light:
The first method is the easiest, but maybe slightly less effective, and that is to play with light. Using gloss instantly plumps up the look of your lips. The way the light reflects off of it makes the lips look more rounded and full. I like using a nude coloured gloss for this because you can apply it just over your natural lip line on your upper lip without it looking odd. Then to cheat where the top edge of your lip actually is you can apply highlighter (probably easier with a small brush and powder highlighter) just above the upper lip line. Light will reflect off the highlighter and make it appear as though your top lip ends higher up than it actually does.

Overdrawing Your Lips:
The second method is to overdraw your lips with a lip liner. I think you have to be careful not to overdo it with this technique. A tiny adjustment can make a big difference. If you start taking the lip line out more than just a smidgen it can look clown-like very quickly. If I may give a quick tip I would say just pick an area that you think really does need overdrawing and only do that area. For example some peoples’ top lips bow. You could slightly fill out the sides of that bow without even needing to touch the bottom lip. If you’re doing a nude lip and using a nude lip liner, you can gently pat your lip liner in. It softens it so that it ends up looking more like your natural lip line.

Now for the lipstick. Unlike the first method, if you’re overdrawing your lips, particularly if you’re using a bold colour, you want to be careful of shine. What can happen if your lips are glossy is that the light hits the natural top of your upper lip (because it protrudes) and then you’re left with this obvious bit of lipstick above where the light it hitting. Using a lipstick with a matte finish, or even blotting down whatever lipstick you’re using with a bit of tissue, is ideal because matte textures don’t reflect light nearly as much.

Finally, if all else fails, do what I’ve done in these photos and pout like your life depends on it. Pout like those suckers are about to tremble their way into a sobbing fit. Works e’ry time. Have a wonderful day guys. Thanks for reading!