I’m not a huge nail polish wearer I must admit. I’m a bit lazy with nails and where I work they don’t tend to last more than a day or two without chipping. But when I do crack out a polish it tends to be pastel. I can’t seem to help my love for pastels. There’s just something so light and appealing about them. They epitomize that spring/summer feeling for me. I’ve picked out a nice smattering of colours today for you guys. Hopefully something tickles your fancy.

If you were ever ogling Deborah Lippmann’s Build Me Up Buttercup on Viviannadoesmakeup, but thinking “helllll no gurl” to the price (because that’s what we all sound like right?), you might enjoy Joe Fresh’s Buttercup. You can find it in Superstore or stand alone Joe Fresh stores. In the UK you guys have access L’oréal Le Blanc in Lemon Meringue, which I wish I could get my hands on, but for some reason we don’t have that shade here. Curses.

Rimmel’s French Manicure Pro in the Shade French Lingerie is a timeless beaut. Although I can’t find it online anymore, I’ve still seen it in stores. It’s quite like Essie Ballet Slippers – a translucent off white that goes with any outfit. I always think shades like this are perfect for a job interview because they leave you looking polished, but not too out there.

Essie’s Bikini So Teeny came out a while ago, but I still love it just as much nowadays. There’s nothing quite like a pop of periwinkle blue here and there to liven things up and this does the trick. I’ve never been too impressed with Essie’s formulas. They don’t last that long, but they do always have great colour options.

Barry M’s Gelly Nail Paint in Rose Hip
was one of the things that I asked my sister to bring back from the UK for me. Thanks again my lovely sister. These Gelly polishes did not fall short of expectation. They are fabulous. They last longer than any other polish I own and look beautifully glossy. 

Finally I’ve got Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Nail Colour is Mint Sorbet. I picked this one up because I love anything mint. Every time someone asks me what colour they should use for… whatever… I have to restrain myself from suggesting mint. I especially love the colour of Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, but I wanted to try a different formula. This is basically the same colour and overall I’d say the formula on this one is quite impressive. You can almost get away with just one coat.

So be gone with you. Enjoy the feeling of a pastel summer on your nails, even if it is pissing rain outside.