Is it just me or is there something inherently appealing about big Bambi eyes? That might be why I love 60’s makeup so much. They did a great doe eyed look back then. I think we would all love to have eyes like Zooey Deschanel or Mila Kunis, but not many of us are actually born with peepers that take up half of our face. Luckily I’ve got a few handy dandy tips and tricks up my sleeve to help create the illusion. So here’s what I did:

1) I started by adding a wash of a shimmering champagne eyeshadow all over my lid and tear duct. I find it helps to keep the eye still looking bright and not too weighed down with the dark shadow I’ll mention in a sec.
2) Next I went in with gel liner on my top lash line. The thickest part of the liner is in the middle of my eye, which helps make it look especially open, but I also winged the liner out just a smidge to give extra length to my eye.
3) I added a tiny bit of a contour shade just about my natural crease to help give the whole eye a larger, rounded effect.
4) With a white eyeliner, I lined my lower waterline and just under my lower lash line to make it look as though the whites of my eyes are larger than they really are.
5) Then I took a darker shadow and, leaving a tiny gap under my lower lashes where I applied the white pencil, I smudged it quite far under my lower lash line. Leaving that small gap is a great way to cheat the size of your eye. It makes it look like the lower lash line starts further down.
6) Finally I finished up with the most effective tool of all – a crap ton of mascara. Covering your lashes thoroughly in mascara is definitely the fastest way to widen your eyes. I avoided putting much mascara on the root of the lower lashes because keeping that area clear, again, helps to cheat where your lash line actually starts and enlarge the whites of your eyes.

*If you don’t have the thickest lower lashes, you can help to create a fuller look by drawing subtle little dots with eyeliner just under your lower lash line. 

That’s about it guys. Hopefully there were a few tips in there that you found useful and you can stash away in your handsome noggins. Enjoy your day or evening depending on where in the world you are!

TLDR: light shadow over lid and tearduct; gel liner on the top lash line – thickest part in the middle of eye; contour just above crease; line waterline and just under with a white liner; leave a gap under lower lash line and blend a darker shade below; loads of mascara on top and bottom lashes.