I thought to myself, “huh I haven’t done a favourite TV shows post in a while.” Then I thought to myself, “hmmm maybe I could expand on that thought. Perhaps I could do a favourite media of the moment post.” I like things. I like lots of things. Why not talk about all those things. So I will.

TV Shows

Broachurch is BACK IN THE GAME my friends. I wasn’t a huge fan of season 2, but season 3 was well worth a watch. I mean, sure, there are things one could critique about it, but there’s no denying that the cinematography, the acting, the music… the whole mood they set… is fantastic.

Oh god Shetland is divine. The show started off a little shaky for me, but it found it’s footing and it grew into one of the best murder mysteries that Netflix has to offer. The dark, barren, subdued tone of it is perfection. Honestly, there were parts of that show where the episode ended and I was still crying for a good 15 minutes after. Shook.

Want to watch some entertaining junk? I give you Riverdale. So it’s a trash TV show, but what I like is that it doesn’t pretend to be otherwise. There are some meta moments in the script where they’re totally calling themselves on being cheap crap. It’s great. Plus Cole Sprouse is hilarious. Check his twitter feed. TEAM JUGGIE!

Please Like Me
I know it’s probably hard to take me seriously after I’ve just recommended Riverdale, but honestly, if you want to watch a top notch dark comedy then I cannot recommend Please Like Me enough. It’s the story of a young man coming out and exploring being gay for the first time, all the while taking care of his suicidal mom. It sounds bizarre, but it’s so well written and takes you through a whirlwind of emotions. This is another one with a bit of a rocky start, but I promise you that if you stick with it you will not regret it.


Allana Davison
Dis. Ma. Gurl. Allana is a Vancouver (represent) beauty guru that just gets me. She just gets me, you know? She has a beautiful makeup aesthetic and sense of style (also check out her instagram), but most importantly this girl is flinging flanging hilarious. She’s the best kind of weirdo. I’ve never seen such beauty and such humor rolled into one package. De- wait for it – lightful! Delightful.

Roxette Arisa
I only recently found Roxette Arisa, but I’ve been glued to her channel ever since. She’s sweet and bubbly (not bitter, cold and sarcastic like myself) and her makeup skills and INSANE. Honestly I don’t know why this girl isn’t getting cred like Desi because she deserves it.


My Dad Wrote A Porno
This is one of the funniest things ever created… out of everything in the world. In case you’ve never heard of My Dad Wrote A Porno, I’ll explain. James’s dad had a dabble in writing erotic literature. James then decided that the only rational response to this would be to invite his two best mates over to read aloud this (incredibly, hilariously poorly written) literature, critique it and record it for the world. I genuinely non-stop loled at this and I’m not usually a loler.

On the total opposite end of the spectrum, there’s S-town. You follow a New York reporter’s journey to Woodstock, Alabama (buttfuck nowhere) on his mission to investigate a supposed murder. Only shit gets fucking insane. I don’t want to give anything away, but I can barely believe that this is a true story. I listened to all 7 episodes in one day. I couldn’t stop.


The Chainsmokers: Memories… Do Not Open
I’m sure there are some Chainsmokers haters out there, but I can’t help it. I  like ’em. I mean damn it they’re catchy – just like Justin Bieber’s newest album. Don’t even try to deny it. Anyways, I keep playing the entire Memories album on repeat and I have yet to get bored of it. I’m especially obsessed with “Don’t Say” and “Something Just Like This (ft. Coldplay).”

Raleigh Ritchie
I found Raleigh Ritchie through one of Spotify’s recommendations, and I must say, well done Spotify. It’s a little more cool and rappy than I normally go, but I’m really into it. The first song I found was “Bloodsport ’15” and I’d say that’s a good place to start. But I’m also loving “On Fire” “Corwards” and “Stronger Than Ever.”

  • JUGGIE 4 LYFE. God I love Riverdale – so pumped to finally find out Jason’s murderer today! :DDD Honestly it’s just such good trash I can’t live without it. I’ve seen Please Like Me on Netflix and have been curious about it. It’s got Josh Thomas who is an Aussie gem. Sidenote, I just did a quick google of him and OMG he lived in my suburb and went to my University… wow haha! Anyway, I’ve been listening to S-town too. I’m up to episode four and wow it really took an unexpected turn but I am intrigued indeed.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Yes! S-town just left fields you with that one. It’s crazy. The story just keeps changing and getting more bizarre too.
      And hell yes Josh Thomas is amazing. He writes, directs and stars in that show and he’s freaking amazing. That’s so awesome that’s he was so closed to him. You could have touched him. Smelled his hair even….

  • I absolutely loved broadchurch, it was soo good this time around – I’ve been loving riverdale at the moment as well!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • I just knew it was gonna be good from the first shot this season. I just got those feels.

  • ALLANAAAAAA!!! she’s so gorgeous and down to earth i can’t. she’s also have this next door charm which is so warm and inviting. i love watching her vids T^T

    will i ever have time to watch broadchurch? stay tuned. dunn dunn

    • Ahh she’s a dreamboat. Secretly hoping to bump into her in Vancouver.
      And yes, you must find the time for Broadchurch! ‘Tis our duty as citizens of the world.
      …I dunno what I just said.

  • The Sunday Mode

    I agree about Riverdale, it’s like bad but good? That’s kind of how I felt about Pretty Little Liars as well actually, and I ended up watching pretty much all of that! Sometimes when I’m watching Riverdale I’m just cringing at some of the lines but still, I’m watching it!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode