I used to do gratis hauls of the stuff I got from working at Sephora, but after a while I abandoned ship. It was a lot of stuff and I was never really sure if people were all that interested. So instead I thought I might show you a “best of” recent gratis instead. These are the bits and bobs that I was most excited to take home.

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay Highlighter in Stunner
I was excited to receive this bad boy, as the colour is fairly reminiscent of Becca Opal. I haven’t used it on myself yet, however I have used it on clients and it’s nicer than I had anticipated. Upon first swatch, it looks a little chunky, but when blended out it turns much more creamy looking.

2. Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Kitten
I already talked about this in my monthly favourites. I love this highlight. So much. It has a unique cream/powder formulation that looks wet on the skin and the colour is perfection.

3. Tarte Eyelash Curler
Everyone raves about the Shu lash curlers. I, on the other hand, don’t understand what they hype is about. I also own the much hyped Japonesque curlers and they’re good, but not mind blowing. The Tarte ones seem to get very little attention and yet they’re the best that I’ve tried so far. Though I suppose your preferences would be largely dependent on your eye shape.

4. Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner in Fine Wine
I fist pumped when this little ditty launched because finally we had a burgundy/red coloured eyeliner in Sephora. Nobody was making that type of tone, which seemed bizarre to me, as red eye shadows are such a huge trend right now. The formula is, as you’d expect from Marc Liners, fantastic. Long wearing and creamy as ever.

5. Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof
The original Better Than Sex smudged a lot on me, so I was hoping that the waterproof version would be better in that regard. Long story short: it’s not. The upside is that using it again reminded me of just how enormous this mascara can make your lashes look. I would highly recommend it for those of you who aren’t prone to smudging.

6. Fresh Soy Cleansing Milk
Finally Fresh created a cleansing milk! I like the original Soy Cleanser, but I wanted something more hydrating. It’s like they were hearing my thoughts. It has that same serene cucumber scent and breaks down makeup equally as well as the original, but it does it all in a more gentle manor. Huzzah!

7. Clarins Glow Booster Drops
I think I ended up with 3 bottles of this stuff and I am not complaining. These drops are so handy. I add them to my moisturizer and they give my face a perfect tan – even and not too intense. I actually have the body drops, but they’re essentially the exact same thing as the face drops, only cheaper.

8. Drunk Elephant Skincare Set
Drunk Elephant has been one of the most exciting launches in Sephora skincare history to me. Finally a brand is doing everything I’d hoped for. They have a simple, streamlined collection that leaves out any potential irritants (and I really mean any), while incorporating high quality, active ingredients. Everything is PH balanced, packed full of omegas, antioxidants and hydrating ingredients. The cherry on top is that it’s cruelty free.

9. Sunday Riley Skincare
I forgot to photograph these, but we received a Sunday Riley skincare package. We got a baby size of the Tidal Cream, the Luna Oil, the Ceramic Slip Cleanser, as well as a half size of the Good Genes treatment and a full size of the CEO Moisturizer. Shwiiiing. I already know that I love the Luna Oil, but I didn’t think I’d enjoy the Ceramic Slip Cleanser quite so much. I’ll probably save my CEO moisturizer for winter, as it’s incredibly hydrating and rich – perfect for parched skin. I have yet to form opinions on the other two!

What did you guys think? Do you prefer me just chatting about the bits and bobs that I’m most excited about or do you like seeing everything I’ve received? Also, stay tuned for part two.

  • Fernanda Turri Braga

    I really like this format!! And since I’m giving a feedback… this font is cute but I find it a bit hard to read =|

    New in Makeup

    • Noted and thank you! I will definitely look into changing the font.

  • aw man you scored! that marc jacobs liner sounds divineeee! i can bet it looks gorgeous on fair skinned people. and oh, you scored drunk elephant skincare set too. so jealous of you T^T would you review it after you finished? i’m interested! x

    • Yeah I’d love to do a full Drunk Elephant review soon!