I don’t think I talk about it much here, but I’ve always had a love for interior design. It’s just so satisfying to walk into a room and to see everything beautifully put together. While I dream of one day decorating my own home, the reality is that I’m currently poor AF. So I’ve had to find my own easy, affordable and rent-friendly ways of brightening things up. I’ve got 5 key ideas to share with you today. To be honest, they’re nothing new or revolutionary, but who doesn’t like looking at pretty pictures from Pinterest? Oh, and if you like the vibes, feel free to check out my Pinterest.


Surprise, surprise. I love greenery. It’s undeniable that a little vegetation lifts the mood of the room and makes it feel more lively. I’m really digging the tropical vibes at the moment.

Area Rugs

I love a good area rug because it’s amazing for “warming up a space.” Wood floors are gorgeous, but adding a rug in is good for the cozy factor. Plus it helps to divide the room, giving the eye somewhere to focus.

Textured Cushions

Cushions are an obvious way to add some fun into a room. Lately I’ve been feeling embroidery and interesting textures, as well as the usual colour and print. Anthropology is great for a mini splurge on some mighty fine cushions.

Wood Details

I used to be obsessed with all white everything, but now I see the beauty of the wood. No that wasn’t a dirty metaphor. I really love wood detailing. It helps to room to feel more “organic.” I don’t feel good about using that word. I obviously enjoy the mid-century modern thing, but I also have a soft spot for wicker.

Colourful Furniture

I love a good statement piece and a bright bit of furniture will do just the job. It’s also a very affordable way of creating a centre piece as all you need is a can of paint and some old unloved furniture.