Shall we do the usual disclaimer? When it comes to aesthetics there is no objective right and wrong. Makeup, like fashion, like home decor, like fine art, is a tool used for expression. You do you. That being said, when you work in the industry and you do the same thing day in and day out for people, you really start to dislike certain trends. So I’m going to go ahead and release some of my thoughts into the world about those trends. I hope you don’t mind.


I really thought this craze would be over by now. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with contouring – I do it sometimes too – it’s just that it’s not appropriate for all situations. If you want to look glowing, healthy and radiant, then contouring isn’t going to help with that. A lovely cream bronzer would be perfect instead. Ya’ll feel? What’s more is is that contouring doesn’t suit a lot of people’s faces. For example, if you’ve got round cheeks contouring can look really fake and noticeable.

Overdrawing Lips

I’m going to sound like a broken record, but again, there’s nothing wrong per se with overdrawing your lips. It just needs to be done really well, otherwise it looks like a disaster. If you’re going significantly over your natural lip shape it’s impossible not to look messy. It should be about ever so slightly cheating where the natural line of your lips end. In addition, it’s really important to think about the texture of your lip product. Lip products with a shine to them will be a dead giveaway that you’ve overdrawn your lips because the light catches your natural lip line and exposes where you’ve overdrawn. And just for the record. I think it’s sad that so many people are hating their lips and thinking they need lip injections. I think bowed lips are beautiful and elegant in a 1920’s kind of a way.

Liquid Lipstick

I have a strange personal vendetta against liquid lipsticks. I’ll admit, I love a bold matte lip and liquid lipsticks are great for that, but when it comes to nudes…. I find them to look a bit lifeless. Having shine in a nude lipstick helps to keep the lips looking healthy and full. Making them completely matte can look too intense, particularly given that a lot of liquid nude colours tend to pull ashy on people’s skin tones.

Concealer Face

Maybe it’s because I’ll always be a Lisa Eldridge girl, and her philosophy is quite “less is more,” but does anyone else die inside when they see how much concealer most Youtubers put on their faces? It just seems crazy to me to use a full coverage foundation and then pile on enormous amounts of full coverage concealer. For one thing, it’s more likely to shift throughout the day. For another, if you saw any of these people in person you would see a thick layer of makeup on their skin. Cameras are a girls best friend.


This one I really don’t get. Sure baking is good for keeping your makeup in place, but the trade off is usually that you look kinda cakey. It’s especially tough to pull off under the eyes where the skin if much thinner and makeup sits much heavier.

Here’s the thing, no one makeup trend is a bad thing. However, I think that trends have become such an all consuming beast that sometimes that artistry factor gets lost. Makeup is about balance. It’s about thinking “okay I’ve got a bold red lip on, so a glittery winged liner is going to be too much” or “a subtle contour would look nice with this understated smokey eye.” It’s so easy to see a million pretty things and want them all on your face, but that can end up detracting from the overall look.

  • Fernanda Turri Braga

    I am so over liquid lipstick too! I think they are to blame for this lip injections trend since they accentuate every line and make people want fuller and smooth lips to look good on them.
    And I really want to see those YouTubers in person because they look amazing on camera but I imagine so much concealer must look cakey!

    New in Makeup

    • I want to see NikkieTutorials in person SO badly. Like dayum she has some skills but her face must be thick with makeup. No judgement or anything. I just genuinely want to see it in the flesh.

  • Read my mind! I love watching makeup videos on YouTube, but the amount of concealer used to “highlight the face” drives me nuts. I always imagine how cakey it must look in real life! I think everyone can look decent in a VERY LIGHT natural looking contour (Karima McKimie does this really well), but we don’t all need to do the Kardashian face every day. I was never into the overdrawing the lips either. Bleh.

    • Hail to the queen, Karima. I love her. She is literally who I was picturing as an example of good contouring. To me she’s one of the few Youtube gals that really thinks about balance and the overall composition. Dream boat.

  • this, this, this! i recently wrote a post regarding internet and beauty trends that just do not sit well with me and make me question things in the world. i get that contouring is something people love to do when it comes to photoshoot and such but sometimes, it can make the person’s face looks…slapped irl, you know? i never contoured my face though or use any beaming “i can see your glow from the moon” highlight even though i do think a glowy, fresh look is beautiful. i think it’s also because i’ve always followed lisa eldridge’s rules of minimal makeup which is why i cannot understand beauty gurus / youtubers who cake and bake their face, apply concealer in stripes, etc. then again, those gurus are more of a “glam makeup” kind of gal so i guess it makes sense for them to have the concealer face? i don’t know. i don’t wanna judge. it’s just not for me personally. (plus, it makes me wanna laugh that people now are contouring the back of their neck. apparently contouring the jawline isn’t enough and people have the time to accentuate the back of their neck)

    i also agree with all the things you say. overdrawing lips is fine (especially if someone wants to to achieve that kylie jenner’s lip without having to brutally inflict pain on themselves by sucking air out of shot glasses) but again, it’s not for me. still, i can see why some people think it’s sexy to have that plump, angelina jolie-like lips. when done wrongly however, it can make you look like a long lost twin of miranda sings 😛

    aah, liquid lipstick. i can never wear them just because my lips are always soooo dry regardless of how many times i put lip balm or exfoliate them. the same goes for baking which is something i never do hahaha

    • hahahaha slapped irl. That was a gem.
      Yeah, but on a serious note, I definitely struggle a bit with what to think. I really do believe “to each their own” and if something makes you happy then go for it. But then sometimes I think our self esteem is becoming more and more dependent on silly makeup. I hate the thought that people can’t feel comfortable without overdrawn lips or contoured cheekbones. These insecurities are manufactured by marketing teams. I honestly don’t know what to think sometimes. But I guess that’s a whole bigger issue I have with the beauty industry.
      Sorry for the tangent.

      • yes, i definitely agree. it’s difficult to talk about these things since people will accuse us for dictating how they should wear their makeup. i watched a video by wayne goss where he talked about the instagram eyebrows that’s currently a trending topic. i think what he said was definitely something i wanted to utter but couldn’t. in it he said he didn’t mean to bash anyone because there is no rule for makeup and it’s not a one size fits all kind of thing but sometimes, i feel like people are using makeup to perform a surgery on their face instead of using it to enhance their face, if that makes sense? *is trying so hard to word things out properly so people won’t come attacking me* :))

  • Overdrawing lips annoys me tbh, just doesn’t look great does it haha – I don’t tend to keep up with the ‘trends’, and just go with what I know best!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Nude matte lips are a huge bugbear of mine! They look so lifeless and unflattering, haha xx