I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love me a Netflix binge-a-thon. There’s so much good stuff constantly coming out on Netflix, particularly the original series, that I feel as though I could never get bored. It’s a life-long conquest. Every once in a while I like to do an update on what I thought were stand out shows. Here’s my new batch. Apologies for the fact that I’m rubbish at writing about shows. Really, you could skip my blurbs and just watch the shows. Oh, and please, please let me know what you’ve been watching!

Mater of None
Aziz Ansari really pleasantly surprised me with this
show. It took me a few episodes to get into it, but once I did, I was
hooked. The best way I can describe this show is that it’s wonderfully
refreshing. You know when you’re watching a program and you think “oh
great, now this is going to happen, typical.” Well that never happens in this
show. It’s somehow avoids so many plot cliches. Each episode focuses on a
key issue in society, whether it be the communication breakdown between
kids and their parents or the difference in how men and women are treated,
and it does so with such thought and insight. I can’t recommend this
show enough. It’s light and funny, yet it touches on so many important subjects.

I love a good murder mystery (I’ve got a post specifically on worthwhile murder mysteries if you enjoy them too). This program hit the spot. Set in Britain, you follow Marcella on her strange and twisted plot of simultaneously dealing with her collapsing marriage and returning to work with the police force. This is certainly no straight forward murder mystery. If you enjoy dabbling in the dark side, this one will be for you.

It took me ages to hop on the Hannibal band wagon, but I’m glad I finally did. Thank you to everyone who recommended it to me. This is another strange and twisted murder mystery where you don’t quite know what to believe. Watch Hannibal and FBI agent, Will, work together to solve gruesome murders. All the while, knowing who is behind them. Mads Mikkelsen does an excellent job playing the famous part of Hannibal, while Will, played by Hugh Dancy, adds in interesting, unpredictable and slightly psychotic element.

It’s hard to resist this quick witted comedy. Suits is all about the charming relationship between top dog lawyer, Harvey Spector, and his new assistant/college dropout, Mike Ross. This ace team is hilarious to watch kicking ass in court and charming the pants off of ladies. Spoiler alert: Gabrielle Match (Harvey) is easy on the eyes.

This is one of those comedies that got swept under the rug, probably due to the fact that when it launched it was originally called Scrotal Recall. A name that earned bonus points in my books, but apparently not in everyone else’s. Lovesick might just be the most darling English comedy I’ve seen in a while. The show opens with Dylan being diagnosed with chlamydia and from there you get to watch as he informs his former partners of his condition. Dylan’s ridiculous best friend, Luke, is really what makes the show for me.

Fresh Meat
There’s definitely a similar vibe with Fresh Meat and Lovesick. Fresh Meat is about a group of college students living in housing together. As you’d expect with an English comedy about college students, much madness ensues. There are all types of personalities in this house, but certainly JP, played by my beloved Jack Whitehall, is the greatest with his horrendously pretentious and posh ways. Fresh Meat oddly manages to encapsulate exactly what I imagine student life to be like in England.

Damn it Netflix, you’ve done it again! They make the best originals. This true story of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar is completely enthralling. While I’m certain the tale is embellished to some degree, it’s absolutely fascinating to watch something so unbelievable, while knowing that it really did happen. This show is intense, well written and well acted. Wagner Moura, who plays the part of Pablo, is the real stand out. He perfectly captures the personality of a man that’s powerful, lovable and terrible all at once.

The Musketeers.
Ah, the Musketeers. What a cheeky bunch of womanizers. This BBC production is such a good bit of fun. Watch the infamous musketeers band together and fight evil in Paris (while strangely all having English accents). It’s a fantastic mix between action and comedy. Methinks the old boyfriend will love it and you’ll enjoy it equally as much.