IMATS came to Vancouver a few weeks ago. Seeing as I have next to no makeup (crowd throws vegetables at my head), I felt I should pick up some more. I’m full of good jokes. I circled around the convention and when I saw the line for Morphe I decided I wanted no part in the madness (think 3 hour waits). Instead I headed over to Royal & Langnickel where I felt far more at home with the common folk.

I wanted to grab a set of brushes for my kit, but I also had a few individual brushes in mind that I felt would be handy for my personal stash. Overall I found the quality of the brushes that I purchased to be pretty hit or miss, but there was one brush that was one heck of a hit. My friends, I speak of the Royal & Langnickel Synthetic Bronzer BC141.

Now I don’t use this baby for bronzer, though I’m sure it would be a right treat for that too. Rather, it bequeaths foundation upon my face. I’ve been an avid user of the Real Techniques Buffing Brush for years, but let me tell you, this Royal & Langnickel special blows it out of the water. You could say… crouches down and puts shades on… it’s practically royalty. Yeeeeaaahhh. It is hands down the best foundation brush I’ve used. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think this may be the one.

This brush hits all the marks for me. For one thing I find the shape to be perfect. I prefer a true flat top shape, compared to a convex curve, as it conforms more closely to the face. I also find that, compared to the RT Buffing Brush, this one has more, but finer, hairs. That makes for a smoother, quicker, streak free blend. The final component that I find so delightful is the density. It hits that exact density and flexibility that moves perfectly with your skin (unlike the Zoeva Silk Finish Face Brush), while still providing coverage.

There’s really no sense in me telling you about this brush. It’s cheap and chips. I highly recommend ordering it. Anyone else tried this bad boy?