Okily dokily, so I picked up the Sephora Collection Colour Lip Last Lipstick in Blooming Rose a few weeks ago and it straight up blew my mind. It is cray cray good. And I don’t use the term cray cray lightly… because it’s disgusting. Every time I wear this bad boy I get people asking me what’s on my lips and lemme tell you why.

For one, the colour is amazeballs. It’s beautifully rosy with a touch of brown – not too 90s but just 90s enough. It’s like Kat Von D Lolita and Anastasia Catnip had a baby. Smashing. But the really cool thing about this fella is the formula. It’s like a liquid lipstick, but in solid form. It applies creamily, but after about a minute it dries down and deepens in colour. People are always amazed when I tell them it’s not a liquid lipstick because the formula looks so ultra matte.

Like any other ultra matte formula, it is a bit drying. There’s really no avoiding that. You can always pop a lip primer underneath if it’s really bothering you (something like the Anastasia Lip Primer). I just love the fact that, compared to a liquid lipstick, you have a lot more control over the application process. It’s easy to achieve nice, smooth edges with a lip brush. The cherry on top is that, because it’s Sephora Collection, it’s more affordable than most liquid lipsticks. You’re looking at $18CAD versus the usual $25. Sew gewd.