A few months ago the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint launched. I’ve seen some mixed reviews on this guy, but for the most part people seem to be giving it a thumbs up. I’ve tried it out on loads of clients at Sephora so I’ve got a good idea of the look of the initial application, however I wanted to see how it lasted throughout the day. You can imagine I was pleased when I received this in gratis so I could give it a proper go. So what’s the foundation like? What’s the good and what’s the bad? Here we go.

NARS has done a pretty good job of carrying on the tradition of grossly misnaming their products. I kind of like this ongoing joke of theirs… at least I assume it’s meant for a chuckle. It seems like a good bit of cheekiness to me. Anywho, this is not a skin tint by any means. It’s really more of a medium to full coverage foundation. It is however fairly lightweight feeling, what with the mousse texture and velvety, powdery finish.

I like that they’ve delivered an SPF of 30 in this formula and that it has quite a smoothing effect on the skin. It also truly does have that matte finish that a lot of people will appreciate. The shade range is decent, with 12 shades, varying greatly in depth. However, if you don’t have a yellow undertone you’re out of luck. The ingredients are also a bit of a mixed bag. You’ve got alcohol and fragrance listed, which is a bummer (however I should note that the fragrance is barely detectable), but on the plus side you’ve got Vitamin C, E and dimethicone (a non-comedogenic version of silicone – good news for those with breakout prone skin).

Where things really start to go wrong is how it applies to dry skin and its wear time. If you’ve got dry patches, this won’t be great. It has a tendency to cling. It also looks like a fairly makeup-ee foundation in general. The wear time is pretty meh on me. I have oily/combo skin and I found it visibly broke up and got patchy by the end of the day. I have that problem with a lot of foundations, but this one was below average in that sense.

Overall I’d say if you have normal skin (not too dry or too oily) and you like a perfected matte look then you might like this. However, if you have dry skin or excessively oily skin you might struggle with getting this to sit right. Thoughts, feelings? I’d like to hear how anyone else felt this looked.