For a few years now I figured I had my brush cleaning game down pat (yeah, I get a lot of dates). I had my wonderful Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap and my Pro Hygiene Collection Brush Cleaner. I was set and, again, totally not lonely on Friday nights. But recently a few new products have come into my life. Friends, let me tell you, I can see clearly now the rain has gone.

Sephora Collection Colour Switch Brush Cleaner
Holy. Crap. How have I lived life without this guy for so long? I don’t know if this is the first of its kind or if these have been around for a while, but this bad boy is a G-dang household staple. Basically it’s a soft, plastic sponge that pulls product from your brushes when you give them a good ol’ rub down. For real, just swirl your brush against this for a couple of seconds and all the excess product is stripped. It means that you don’t have to use a spray brush cleaner in between each colour. There’s no sitting around waiting for your brushes to dry; you can carry on using the same brush for whatever you like. May I? Would you mind if I just said a little, FUCK YEAH!

Sephora Collection Dry Clean Solid Brush Cleaner
Remember that bizarre looking $40 brush cleaning oven mitt that Sigma released a few years ago? This is like the non-ridiculous version of that. It’s a little pot that contains a solid, conditioning brush cleanser for deep cleaning your brushes, as well as a compact silicone mat to swirl your brushes against. I didn’t expect to like the silicone mat as much as I do, but it really does help to foam up the cleanser and pull product from your brushes more effectively than just using your hand. BeautyBlender does one of these too, but I grabbed the Sephora Collection one because it’s a bit more affordable.

Sephora Collection Master Cleanse Daily Brush Cleaner
I decided to switch up quick brush cleaners because I think the Pro Hygiene Collection Cleaner was irritating my eyes. The Sephora Collection one is nice and doesn’t have an obnoxious fragrance. I’m not blown away, but it gets the job done. I just wanted to quickly mention this because it’s still important to disinfect your brushes between deep cleanings and these quick spray brush cleaners are great for that. If you’re looking for the ultimate quick brush cleaner, it’s got to be the Cinema Secrets one. I unfortunately can’t stand the cotton candy chemical smell.