Remember when I promised a room tour about three months ago? Well guess what! We’re not doing a room tour today. Yaaayyy. How anti-climactic was that? I should  be a screen writer. I do have a little something to offer up in place of room tour however. I revamped my makeup storage a few days ago and it looks a million times better, if I do say so myself. Toot toot. So of course, what kind of self proclaimed beauty blogger would I be if I didn’t show you the new set up?

I purchased a white Helmer Drawer Unit from Ikea to house the “bits and bobs” makeup. It looks quite cute, but I shant show you because the inside is still a disaster. My most used/beautious makeup has remained in my Malm Dressing Table, which I’ve divided up with a number of Billingen Drawer Inserts. I thought that the plastic might look tacky, but actually it looks very clean and clinical (just the way I like it) and it’s easy to wipe down. There’s not much else to say. Enjoy the pics!