I’ve gone and done it again, haven’t I? I ordered some Colourpop a few months ago and I was so many degrees of impressed. The formulas were all on point and the prices were scrumtrulescent. So obviously I had to go back for more, she said, her eye twitching ever so gently.

I already knew their Super Shock Shadows were amazing, so I went a bit nuts there. Normal powder eye shadows don’t last on me particularly well, but I guess because this formula is somewhere between a powder and a cream I don’t have that problem. They stick around like superglue or a crazy ex-girlfriend that can’t let go (HEY-OH! Stereotyping. Niiice.). All the shades are as I expected, rich in pigment and stunningly beautiful. I’m particularly taken with Bae, which is an incredible duo chrome that looks almost blue/black in the pan, but applies eggplant with a blue/green sheen. I ordered a Creme Gel Liner too, but unfortunately it showed up dried up and damaged.

L-R: Game Face, Friskie, Drift, Bae, Hustle, I Heart This

T-B: Mars, Trap, Tulle

I also wanted to try out some of the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I went for a vibrant magenta (Mars) and two 90s inspired colours (Tulle and Trap). The formula is unfortunately a bit drying, but honestly that’s not much of a surprise. Few liquid lipstick formulas manage to set completely dry to the touch without a dehydrating effect. You will get a bit of the “crumbling lips effect” over the course of a full day, but the good news is that they apply quite evenly. Overall I’d say good, not great. The Sephora Cream Lip Stains still rank highest for me.

Thoughts? Feelings? Anyone else done a Colourpop order of late?