I’ve been digging the grunge look lately. I have to wear a fair bit of makeup to work and I’m not usually a glam kind of gal, so it’s kind of slapping a face on while still being me. After all, you know, I like a little I don’t give a shit bad-assery. Lols, like I could be bad-ass. So I’ll take you through one of my go-to grunge looks.

I used a full coverage base for the look – the Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation. It’s incredible and INSANELY full coverage. The only trouble is that it completely breaks up on my oily skin. But that’s an aside. I used the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage to completely conceal the last of any blemishes. I wanted to create a flawless base because I reckon a clean slate is the difference between a “fashion grunge look” and a “I can’t do my makeup grunge look.”

I finally got a chance to show you guys some Colourpop eye shadows in action. I absolutely love these shadows. They’re such a unique texture (not quite cream or powder) and dayum pigmented. I used To-A-T, a camel brown and Mittens, a deep chocolate brown. I made sure not to be too precise with my application and smudged the shadows very low under my eyes. That’s what I find makes an eye look truly grungy – not trying too hard.

As for lips, I had to finish off with MAC Mehr. It’s such a great “fashion grunge” lipstick. It’s matte and a bit brown, but still rosy enough to be pretty. Though I’ll admit, I also threw a little of NARS Damned over top to deepen the colour. It did the trick for me.

So what do you guys think of the grunge look? Also I’m curious to hear what your favourite grunge lipsticks are. I keep hearing about how much everybody loves Kat Von D Lolita.