Banging. What a revolting word. My gift to you. What we’ve got here today are some top notch beauty tools. I love a good beauty tool. They make life so much easier. Got a unibrow? Not anymore. TWEEZERS. Got excess facial hair? Not anymore. TOUCH UP RAZOR. How ’bout those blackheads? I don’t think so. BLACKHEAD EXTRACTOR. You get the picture. Onto the six tools that I’ve picked out.

1. Quo Tweezers
A little while ago I asked to borrow my sisters tweezers. She handed me a set of Quos, which if you’re not from ’round ‘ere, are Shopper’s Drug Mart’s own brand. I was totally blown away at the quality of her pair so I went out and picked up my own. They were under $5 and they’re completely comparable to Tweezerman’s option. A big win for the Canadians!

2. Blackhead Extractor
I know some of you will cringe at the thought of using one of these, but I also know that there are some sick bastards out there like me that take deep satisfaction in a little blackhead extraction. This little tool makes it easy as pie to remove those suckers without damaging the skin around them. The best part is that you can order cheapo blackhead extractor tools off of amazon for under a $1.

3. Japonesque Touch Up Razor
For any of my yetti friends out there (ya’ll feel), this is such a handy tool. It’s basically a baby straight razor that you can use for your face. I use it around my brows, as I have far too many fine hairs to be able to tweeze.

4. Japonesque Power Curl Eyelash Curlers
For years I was in love with the Elf Mechanical Eyelash Curlers, but alas, unless I’m mistaken, they’ve been discontinued. So I decided to splash out a bit more and go for the Japonesque pair. They are as good as I’d expected. They get one heck of a curl going in them lashes. Also, I wanted to note that I went for these over the Shu Uemura Curlers because Japonesque has a free replacement pad system, whereas Shu Uemura doesn’t even sell replacement pads.

5. Tail Comb
I don’t often talk about hair because I’m utter garbage at it. However, this is one of those things that everyone needs. It’s perfect for creating a part and, most importantly, it’s a must for backcombing. It seems as though one of the number one complaints people have about their hair is that it lacks volume at the root. Add a spritz of dry shampoo and give yourself a quick backcomb and BOOM, you’ve instantly got body. You could also opt for a teasing brush if you want to speed up the process.

6. Zoeva Brushes
Here I go, harping on about Zoeva again. These brushes are worth being harped on about though. I love my Real Techniques Brushes, but these are in a whole other league. They feel extremely luxurious and expensive, when in actual fact they’re very affordable. When I started using these, it was as though I was experiencing all my makeup for the first time. They completely altered the way my makeup applied.