We’re well and truly in fall now. There’s a myriad of gorgeous russet and soft yellow leaves lining the streets. The rain has come and the air has that crisp smell to it. I always talk about that crisp smell, but I think it has to be my favorite part of this season. September was a fun month in which I caught up with old friends, decorated my new bedroom (pictures will be taken as soon as I can get enough sunlight!) and enjoyed some great TV shows. I’ll run you through it all.

My first monthly favourite has to be my piggly wigglies. I love them so much. They’re the sweetest little boys. I only wish that they wanted to cuddle me as much as they want to cuddle each other. My roommates love to joke that I’m going to return home to find them barbecued on a skewer. Haha oh those silly roommates. They’ll pay >:(

Mr. Robot
Oh my goooooodness. Holy man this show is SO intense and so good. It was recommended to me by my techie friend. It’s about a socially crippled hacker that’s recruited by a group of anarchist hackers to work on a project. I shant say more about the plot. But if you’re a tech nerd, a lover of mind fucks or you’re addicted to intense shows, give this a try!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
Onto the makeup. I can’t get enough of this palette. I get so much use out of it because all three shades are fantastic for different purposes. Dim Light in a beautiful setting powder that adds a very subtle luminosity to the skin. I’m not a fan of visible sparkle, but this doesn’t have any of that. I actually don’t even know how it’s possible to get something to be so finely milled. The other two shades are beautiful. Incandescent Light is a fantastic subtle highlighter and, on my fair skin, Radiant Light works nicely as a blush or even as a bronzer.

Bourjois Pink Pong
It’s back. This is one sexy mother or a lippy. The colour is fashion forward as heck and the finish is as delicious and velvety as I could ask for. Whenever I wear it I get people asking what it is. Swatch here.

Physician’s Formula Lash Boosting Eyeliner
I’m pretty good at going on and on about how much I love gel eyeliner, but this liner certainly has its place in my makeup bag too. While I love the control and ease that gel liner gives, this pen cannot be beat for the perfectly sharp wings it can give. I can’t get the same point with gel liner. The formula of this pen is slightly less pigmented than I would like, but for a natural, cruelty free drugstore product, I can hardly complain.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
Perfect time to mention the Silk Creme foundation, seeing as they just discontinued it. God I’m good. Laura Mercier recently (okay, well not really recently at all anymore) relaunched the Silk Creme Foundation in two separate formulas – moisturizing and oil free. I’d be curious to see how they compare to the original formula because there’s a lot of good stuff going on in the original. It blends really easily and it’s by far the most pigmented foundation I own. It’s definitely possible to overdo it, given the coverage, but I find a damp sponge helps to ensure this foundation stays looking fairly natural.