You’re going to fall all over these nail colours. Zing. I’m a self professed non-nail-girl. Very catchy name I know. Most of the time I can’t be bothered to do my nails. You know how it is. You paint your nails and then you can’t dig into a bag of potato chips for at least 10 minutes. What kind of madness is that?! Buuttt, since I’ve started working at Sephora, I’ve actually had to keep my nails looking half decent and, I’ll admit, it’s been fun.. So here’s what I’ve been painting dem claws with.

Covergirl Wine to Five
This shade seems unique to me. I might be completely wrong, but I find that these kinds of colours tend to pull either more of a true red, or a deeper burgundy. This sits nicely in between – not too deep and not too light – and it has a nice bit of pluminess to it. I also quite fancy the packaging. Very Chanel.

Essie After School Boy Blazer
This polish was all the rage a few years ago, but I haven’t forgotten about it. After School Boy Blazer is the deepest of navy’s. It almost appears black in some lights, but in direct daylight you can see what a beautiful blue it really is. The formula is nice in that it only takes me on coat to build up enough opacity. 

Essence Pure Soul
I picked this up a few weeks ago because I needed something that I could apply in a flash and not have to worry about being too tidy. Putting aside the vomity “I Heart Trends” logo on the front, this colour has done me well. It’s that nice semi-opaque finish that looks polished and professional and the brush is one those chubby bastards that helps to minimize streaking.

Kiko Rose Sand
Saving the best for last with Kiko’s Rose Sand. I love this one. It reads so sophisticated and elegant to me. It is, as the name would suggest, a beautiful rosy, sandy colour. Again it’s got a fairy wide brush and, for tiny price tag, I find the quality to be very impressive.