Youtube was my first love. The blogging world came later for me. I’ve been watching beauty videos for over five years now and, you know what, it feels good. Maybe I should be ashamed of my addiction, but I’m not. I love it *she inhaled with her trembling breath*. So I’ve seen a lot of videos over the years, as you can imagine, and these are a just a hand full of the ones that stuck in my mind.

Claire Marshall


Vanity Tour

Claire has to be the coolest beauty guru ’round town. She brings something unique and fresh to the table, which is a near impossible feat to accomplish on Youtube these days. Her vanity tour video, which is SO expertly edited, is an excellent example of her stellar taste. She ain’t no generic Ikea girl (I say full well knowing that I am an Ikea girl for life). If you want some great ideas on how to set up a stylish vanity for yourself, Claire is your lady. Your sexy, sexy lady.



How To Fill In Eyebrows

Sam’s Eybrow Tutorial is the best I’ve ever seen on Youtube, and I’ve watched a shite-ton over the years. Her technique for creating gorgeous, fluffy, full brows out of very little natural brow hair is astounding. I can’t believe how real they look. For Asian gals, Claire Marshall’s Updated Eyebrow Tutorial is also worth watching. Brows hairs tend to grow in a downward motion for my Asian ladies and Claire demonstrates how to work with that direction.


Cat Eyes For Hooded Lids

Working a cat eye around a hooded eye is a major challenge for a lot of people. Sam does a great tutorial on how to work around this issue. The end result is very beautiful and very dramatic. As someone who struggles with this issue, I appreciated this tutorial greatly.


Grunge Makeup Tutorial

She strikes again. I love a good grunge makeup. It isn’t for everyone, but for those of you out there who are on the same page, I think you’ll love this oldie from Pixiwoo. Sam doesn’t half-ass anything. She goes all out with this massive, blown out, brown smokey eye and berry stained lip.

Lisa Eldridge


Korean Beauty Trend Inspired Makeup

It’s clear that Lisa returned from her recent trip to Korea invigorated and full of inspiration. This tutorial came out of that inspiration and, in turn, I found myself feeling inspired. Korean beauty is completely up my alley. It’s all about that fresh, bright vibe that I think is universally flattering. It completely contrasts the heavy Kim Kardashian look that we’ve seen over here for so long.


Beauty Nightmare Solutions

Turning our focus to skincare for a minute, this video was SO exciting to me when it first came out. Finally, makeup legend Lisa Eldridge was sharing her pro kit skincare secrets. She runs you through a whole whack of SOS products for dry skin, redness, scaring, facial hair, etc. There’s something for everyone here.

Sharon Farrell


5 Looks, 1 Palette

I think this was one of the most genius makeup videos I’ve seen in ages. 1 palette, 5 looks. Why haven’t I seen this before? Sharon shows you how to make the most of a palette. For girls like me, that lack imagination with their eye makeup, this is a godsend. She uses the Lorac Pro Palette for this video, but if that’s not your cup of tea, she also doesn’t a couple of videos with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.


Natural Glam Party Makeup

If you want to feel like a mother trucking bombshell, look no further. I like to get experimental with my makeup sometimes, but if I’m having a rough self esteem day, this is the type of look I’ll turn to. It’s a bronzed, glamourous, Victoria’s Secret-esque kind of look – something that would make any woman feel attractive.

Tanya Burr


Natural Everyday Makeup

I’m a big fan of natural makeup. I feel pleased with myself when people say to me “but you’re not wearing makeup are you?” Heh heh, oh you silly, wonderful, bastard of a fool. I could kiss you. You get the idea. So you can imagine that when Tanya put up this beautiful, natural everyday makeup tutorial I was absolutely tickled. Her skin looks insane in this. Absolutely insane.

Mila Kunis Smokey Eye Makeup

On the complete opposite end of the scale, this smokey eye from Tanya is my idea of scrumptious drama. She recreates a beautiful, dramatic Mila Kunis look, using the Urban Decay Naked Palette and Mmmm. Mmmm mmm mmm.