I’m really digging this blurred lip trend that Maybelline is spreading around the internet. I’ve seen it on the catwalk for years and I’ve always thought it added a really beautiful, effortless effect to the lips. I particularly love the effect when it’s done in pink. It’s such a fresh look. So I figured, why not pair it with a copper cat eye and make a day of it?

The lips are foolproof to create – great new for anyone that’s got a shaky hand but still wants to look faaabbbullous darling. I started with a small amount of concealer brushed over the lips to neutralize my natural colouring. Then it’s all about building a gradient. I first dabbed a light pink lipstick (Revlon Pink Pout) on most of my lips, just leaving the very edges lipstick free. I then came in with a bright pink (Revlon Lovesick) and concentrated it further in. Finally a bit of deep plum (*Pixi Plum Berry) went directly in the center. I used my fingers to pat out any harsh edges and that was that. Mother flippin’ ombred bru!

The nice thing about doing a cat eye in a lighter colour is that any mistakes you make are a lot less noticeable. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. I wanted this cat eye to be fairly bold, particularly as the colour is less noticeable than a black. I used a thick line to create the flick and added a fat line under my eye in the inner third. A combination of the Kiko Eye Pencil in 402 Warm Brown and the Colourpop Shadow in Sequin built up the pigmentation nicely. I also lightly defined the edge of the flick with a deeper pencil (Zoeva Glance) to add intensity. I quite like the effect as I think it’s a bit glam, but not too over the top.

*PR Samples