You know, sometimes the hardest part of a post to write is the very first sentence. So that’s it. That’s my first sentence. Quite. My skin has been going crazy the past few months. It’ll be completely clear and then, as if to punish me for the good fortune, it’ll break out like crazy. This means I’m left with a bumpy texture and, as much as I love cream products, they aren’t ideal for that kind of problem skin. They tend to wiggle their way into crevasses and emphasize pores.

What I’ve been turning to instead are powders. Powders sit more on the surface of the skin and therefore have the ability to create a smoother surface. It also means that they can look cakey. That’s where the finish and the texture of the powder comes in. What I’ve found to be incredibly effective in creating a smooth surface that simultaneously looks natural is very fine powders with a slight, almost unnoticeable reflectivity to them. They give your face a soft glow effect, but without bouncing a harsh amount of light on your lumps and bumps. There are three products I’ve found to be tip top smegging fantastic for this purpose.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Smooth Operator Pressed Powder
I absolutely love this setting powder. For one thing it’s translucent, which means there’s no risk of cake face. It’s also so, so very fine. It feels almost like silk between my fingers. As I mentioned before, it has a slight reflectiveness that doesn’t read as shimmer, unlike a lot of other light reflective setting powders that look like Edward Cullen’s done something horrendous on your face (cough, cough, NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder). Too far? Plus, bonus points to Tarte for being cruelty free.

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural
This is hardly a secret to anyone in the beauty world. MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinishes have been a favourite among bloggers for many years. This would make a great alternative to the Tarte Smooth Operator Powder if you were looking for a setting powder with a touch of coverage. What I’ve been using it for, however, is bronzer. I went a few shades darker and BAM, fantastic bronzer. It has a good amount of pigment and a beautiful satin finish. The great thing about bronzer is that it also helps to diffuse angry red blemishes.

NYX Baked Blush in Journey
I can’t lie. I hate the packaging of this blush. It’s fuck ugly. Excuse my language. Putting that aside, this is a thing of beauty. It does have a bit more shimmer to it than the two powders above, but it’s very fine and reads as a lit from within glow. It’s really something special. It’s also not all that pigmented, which I don’t particularly mind because sometimes I like to be able to build up slowly. It should be noted that the finish varies quite a bit depending on the shade you choose. Some are erring on the disco side, but Journey is the real Goldilocks of the bunch.