Where to begin? A few months ago I got an email from a very lovely lady, Emily McPhee. Emily is the founder of Hart + Stone, a jewelry line based out of the West Coast of Canada. She offered to make me a couple of pieces from her line. I was unbelievably excited by the offer. I should explain why.

Around a year ago now I was looking through Brittany’s posts and I came across one about a beautiful, delicate necklace. Intrigued, I read through the post to find out where it had come from. Turns out it was from an Etsy shop called Hart + Stone. When I visited the shop, I noticed that the profile of the shop owner said Emily McPhee, Salt Spring Island. Mind blown. Turns out I had inadvertently stumbled across my friend’s cousin’s shop. I’ve actually met Emily a few times in the past, but I’d lost track of what she was doing with herself. Making incredible, hand crafted jewelry apparently.

So back to the present. I picked out a couple of rings that made me weak in the knees – the Spacer Stacking Ring and the Adventure Ring. Emily kindly made them for me and sent them over (with a very sweet, personalized note, I might add). It was love at first sight. They sit beautifully on my fingers and go with every outfit. I can’t stop staring at them.

I am crazy about her aesthetic. I love how delicate and minimalistic her work is. It’s everything I would want my line to be
if I were a jeweler. I also love that the pieces are made of actual
gold and sterling silver and are hand made. There’s something special
about owning a piece like that. Emily’s bio says “for the one who opts
for quality over quantity and finds beauty in the simple things” and I
think that sums it up perfectly. I truly believe it’s important to
support independent business owners, people who are working
hard to build something from the ground up. 

So if you want to know more about Emily’s work check out her site and
her online shop. She also has a scrumptious blog that’s
worth taking a look at. Her jewelry would make the most marvelous gift
for someone or even for yourself. I don’t feel badly shamelessly
plugging her work because I honestly believe that it is exceptional.