August has been a strange month. I’ve basically been living out of a backpack, moving between houses. We’ve technically moved into the city, but as both Jaseface (boyfriend) and I have still been working on the island we’ve been staying… not in our new house… because that’s how we roll. The whole living out of a bag thing has been surprisingly fun though. For one thing it’s actually been quite freeing not feeling tied down to so much stuff. It’s also meant that I’ve been forced to really enjoy what I’ve had with me. The things that made it into my bag got a lot of love over the past month. Starting with…

Nuxe Melting Cleansing Gel
When I first tried this cleanser I wasn’t so sure about it. I found it slightly too drying. I’m not sure if it’s just that my skin has been oilier throughout the summer, but since then I’ve strangely grown to love it. It’s a viscous gel that, when used with water, breaks down makeup and washes it away easily. It’s admittedly less moisturizing than a lot of my other cleansers and it leaves my skin feeling distinctly clean. It’s not one I would recommend for dry skin types, but for oily skin it’s quite nice. My skin has been very clear the past month and I’m thinking this likely has something to do with it.

Maybelline Brow Drama in Deep Brown
I didn’t think a tinted brow gel would suit me what with my already bushy brows that seem to want to drift together in the middle if I’m not careful. However I purchased this one a while ago and I’m pleased to report that it’s done me well. It’s a nice addition when I want to do a statement brow. It brushes my hairs up and holds them there, giving them just a tiny bit more volume and colour. While I still find the brush on this guy a bit odd, I have to give the product props for not containing any glitter particles as so many brow gels do.

Kiko Stick Eyeshadow
I haven’t stopped loving these eyeshadow sticks. They’re the best I’ve tried at a lower price range. They don’t budge once they’ve set and they come in a huge array of colours. This month I’ve been enjoying the shade 25 Light Taupe. It’s nice and light for summer, but it still adds a little something something sophisticated.

Colourpop Everything
have been having a love affair with Colourpop ever since it landed in
my mailbox. The powder products are unlike anything I’ve ever felt. How
can a powder be so cream-like?! The Smoke N Whistles Highlighter and To-A-T Eyeshadow
have been my picks of their powder products this month. Smoke N
Whistles is a beautiful pinky hewed colour with insane glowy payoff,
whereas To-A-T is a rich, matte camel colour. Considering it’s a matte
shadow I can’t believe how much pigment it contains. As for my lip pick,
it’s got to be Lumiere.
Designed by KathleenLights, this Lippie Stick (Lippie Stix?) is exactly
what I wanted from the 90’s trend that’s returned. It’s slightly more
mauve than a lot of the 90’s lipsticks, making it that little bit more

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch
I’m so lucky that Daniel Wellington sent me this watch. I’ve wanted one for ages and it’s everything I’d hoped for. It’s so clean and smart. I haven’t had the will to take it off my wrist in the past month. I should remind you guys, as August is almost over (as is this deal), that if you guys use the code “bloominrouge” on the official Daniel Wellington website then you’ll get 15% off.

Hart + Stone Rings
Two more things that haven’t left my hand since receiving them are Emily’s rings. As I mentioned in the full post, Emily is a designer based out of the West Coast of Canada who also happens to be the cousin of a good friend of mine. She makes stunning, delicate, geometric handmade jewelry. She also works with a lot with raw stones. I think it’s amazing that Emily is getting out there, starting her own business and doing it all herself. She inspires me both with her creativity and with her drive. Please, please check out Hart + Stone.