KathleenLights is one heck of a babe. I’ve grown quite obsessed with her Youtube channel lately and she raves a lot about Colourpop. You’ve probably heard the apparent deal with Colourpop. Almost everything is $5 and beautifully pigmented, with a great colour selection. I wanted to put these rumors of greatness to the test so I ordered a smattering of products – Lippy Stix, Super Shock Shadows and a Highlighter.

I haven’t played around with them much yet, but nevertheless… Holy. Fudge. From first swatch of these guys I was blown away. I ordered three lipsticks, all matte. They’re lovely, pigmented, all good things that you’d expect. Impressed. That’s nothing compared to my first impressions of their powder products.

L-R: I Heart This, Brink, Lumiere

L-R: Mittens, To-A-T, Sequin

Their eyeshadows and highlighters are a formula like none other. So often I hear beauty bloggers talk about how “creamy and buttery” eyeshadows are, but usually when I have a grope of whatever they’re talking about I just don’t see it. This time round, I definitely see it. Oh I see it real good. When you touch these shadows they have a give to them and they truly feel like they’re somewhere in between a powder and a cream. For that reason, as everyone says, they apply best with fingers. They’re more pigmented than any other powder shadow I’ve ever seen, particularly the matte shades.

L-R: Mittens, To-A-T, Sequin, Smoke N Whistles, I Heart This, Brink, Lumiere
Top-Bottom: Colourpop Smoke N Whistles, TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer

I’ll give a final mention to the highlighter I picked, Smoke N Whistles. It’s something to behold. It’s got a wonderful pale, pink undertone and, although I didn’t think it was possible, it may be even more intense than TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer, still without any obvious glitter particles. I mean DAYUM Colourpop. Dayum. If you were a lady I’d date you. I’d date you so hard and then I’d marry the shit out of you.