I’ve been feeling like my lashes have been looking a little less than fantabulous lately. To be fair, MAC Extended Play has done me quite well for the past few months. It brings the length and separation and it doesn’t smudge in the slightest. However, it does absolutely nothing in terms of volume and if I’m going to bring the DRAMA (betch please, lashes 4 dayz drama) Imma need some volume. So, as I’ve said so many times before, the hunt was on! The game was afoot.

I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about the Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara over the years. It’s supposed to bring the volume like nothing else at a mere $3. It seemed about time I gave it a try. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. It didn’t smudge particularly and it did add some volume, but not all that much considering I applied multiple coats. I also wasn’t a fan of the brush. I found it difficult to actually work it into the lashes. The real let down though was the fact that it doesn’t hold a curl at all. It just seems as though there’s not much point bulking up your lashes if they’re going to go stick straight. Perhaps someone with very naturally curly lashes would do a lot better with this guy.

After that disappointment I had my eyes peeled (disgusting term now that I think about it) for something else. While shopping around a couple of days ago, I saw that the L’oreal Miss Manga Rock mascara had a flashy sale sign below it. I was drawn like a fish to a shiny object. I wasn’t blown away by the original Miss Manga Mascara. It was good in a lot of ways, but I was so annoyed by the bendy tip. It made it impossible to really wiggle it into your lashes. I’d heard they’d removed that feature from the “Rock” mascara so I thought it would be worth another try. And holy mother it was worth another try. I bought the waterproof version this time and it has blown me away. I applied it for the first time this morning and I was instantly wowed. It holds a curl incredibly and it brings a ton of volume and length to my lashes. I also find that despite the package claiming to be a “clumping mascara” it actually separated my lashes just fine.

Wearing L’oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara

While mascara tends to be a matter of personal preference, I really can’t imagine anyone not getting on with the Miss Manga Rock. It does it all – curl, volume and length.