When I first started blogging, I knew I loved the beauty aspect – the makeup, the skincare, the tutorials, etc. What I didn’t anticipate falling in love with was the blog designing aspect. Getting to tweak my own blog here and there, and slowly building into something that I liked the look of (though I never seem to be quite satisfied) has been such a joy. With that in mind, I thought it might be nice to do a shout out to some of the most beautifully designed blogs I’ve run into.

From Roses
When Rebecca relaunched her blog I almost wet myself. When you hit her homepage it’s an instant wow. It provides such a visual experience that really highlights her talent with photography. It also gives you a clear view of everything she’s doing on all social media platforms. This blog has me seriously considering switching to Squarespace. It’s an amazing platform.

Ghost Parties
Typical. Kate can do no wrong. Her photography is top notch, her writing is top notch and her blog design is… alright. Just kidding, it’s top notch. I love her new header and I absolutely love the way she incorporates her photography throughout the sidebar links. If you’ve got visuals like that girl, why not use ’em?!

Tamira Jarrel
How many times can I talk about Tamira? Everything that she does is dreamy. I loved Lipstick With Some Sunshine, but Tamira Jarrel is that much more grown up and sophisticated. Her signature monochromatic minimalism is carried throughout her blog design, perfectly mirroring her photography.

Sugar & Cloth
Sugar & Cloth is newer to me, but I think what I love about Ashley’s site, besides the excellent content, is that it instantly hits you as a bright, fun, uplifting place to be. It’s colourful and cheerful, but not at all noisy or in your face. It’s just perfect. I wish I had a little more of that in my design.

Call Me Cupcake
Linda’s blog design could look like a garbage dump for all I care with photography like that. But it doesn’t. It’s delicate, beautiful and elegant. I love the faded watercolour/sketchy theme that runs throughout her blog, her choice in fonts and her adorable header. Sigh. Dat gal.

Cider With Rosie
What’s great for me about Cider With Rosie is that it’s completely different from my style, but it’s so good! I’ll admit that I tend to be drawn to minimalism. While Rosie’s blog isn’t quite as minimal, it has that awesome wholesome feel to it. Her design compliments her content so well.

Like Sugar & Cloth, Cocorrina is also newer to me. I was drawn to it though because it has a really strong graphic appeal. I tend to go for more light and airy looks, but this is a distinctly black and white look and I love it. Plus, the visuals that she creates… I mean… they don’t exactly hurt the overall look of her blog.

Emma & The Beauty Blog
I have to give a final mention to Emma’s blog. Emma just launched her new blog design and I’m so impressed. It’s clean, sophisticated and delicate (how many times can I use those words in one post?) and totally up my ally. As with all good blog designs, it highlights her photography wonderfully. If you’re not already following Emma on Bloglovin’, I highly recommend doing so!