When I went away to Europe it felt like a life changing event. I know, how unoriginal – a real Eat, Pray, Love moment. Nonetheless, it was a big step for me. It meant facing a massive fear, as I mentioned in my Greece and Italy post. Amazingly, everything went really well. I’ve felt very much trapped by my fears in the past few years (actually my whole life if we’re being realistic) and facing a big one like that gave me the boost of confidence to make some changes. Some big, some small. I wanted to talk to you guys about some goals I have for the next few months.

1. Find a new home
One of the biggest changes I’m going to make is moving. It’s already in the works. I always say to you guys that I live in Vancouver because generally people have a vague idea of where there is. However, I actually live on a tiny island just off of Vancouver. It’s beautiful, but there’s very little going on and particularly no work opportunities. So me and the old boyf are finally making the move into the city (hazzah!). It’ll be a big change in lifestyle, but one I’m looking forward to.

2. Get a new job
Along with the new place comes the new job. I’ve been working at the same place for the past five years. While there are a lot of lovely people there, including one of my absolute best friends (who I’m going to miss so much), there’s really nothing more that I can take from that job. It’s not the field I want to work in and it can’t help me advance anywhere in life. Changing my job is probably the thing that I’m most afraid to do, but also most excited for. I flip back and forth. I’ll be looking for something in the field that I love and that I trained for – makeup.

3. Get back in shape
A few years ago I got in pretty good shape and it felt awesome. Slowly over the past year that’s slipped away. Particularly with the anxiety, I basically stopped wanting to do any intensive exercise, which I’m sure didn’t help. But I’ve been getting back into running and going to the gym lately and I’m aiming to rebuild the strength I once had!

4. Improve my blogging skills
A goal that I’ve had ever since I started blogging is to improve my blogging skills. First and foremost, I want to improve my knowledge of coding. When I look at the work of someone like Elaine or Chaitra, it always makes me want to learn more. I also want to improve the layout of my blog, as well as the photography and quality of writing. Additionally, I’ve been struggling to get organized and come up with interesting content lately. I need to get on top of that.

5. Make videos again
One thing that I completely let go of when the anxiety started was my Youtube channel. A lot of days it was a struggle to get up, let alone to get in front of a camera and talk. But now that I’m feeling stronger, I would love to make a comeback with my channel. I still have to figure out a better lighting system, as that was the bane of my existence last time, but hopefully you’ll see some new stuff in a few months from now.

6. Learn to write nicely
This is a little goal, but one that would be fun to achieve. I can write just fine. It’s not untidy or anything, but it is boring a heck. My dad, on the other hand, is basically a master of the subject. He can design a beautiful font, adopt that style and write stunning letters with it. The jerk. When I went to visit him last he gave me a fountain pen and mini lesson on developing a unique writing style. I intend to practice until I can beat the bastard at his own game.
… Just kidding. But not really. You’re going down Dad.

7. Get a pet
This is a bonus goal because it isn’t really achievable in the next few months, but it’s one for the future. For the past few years I have been animal obsessed. I desperately want a dog or a cat. Unfortunately my living situation has meant that it’s not possible. If I could find a way to have a furry little creature in my life I would be overjoyed. Even a guinea pig would be nice.

I’d love to know what you guys have planned for the next few months. New home, new job, new pets? I just spilled my guts, so please, spills yours right back at me.