I’m a big fan of Pinterest. I find so much fashion inspiration through that platform. Yet it doesn’t seem to translate to my own sense of style. I go shopping with the mindset of “LET’S DO THIS!” and somehow leave looking as boring as usual. This year I plan to finally kick it up a notch. It’s time that I stop looking at people and thinking “I wish I looked like that” and start actually doing it. So I have 5 plans to update my personal style.

1. Cut my hair shorter/dye it
This one is done for the most part. Yay! I did the big chop just over a month ago and my sister dyed it quite dark a few days ago. I couldn’t be happier that I got rid of the length. In fact, I want to cut more off. It’s as addictive as everybody says. Looking at pictures of myself with long hair already seems bizarre.

2. Focus on simple, staple pieces
I have a tendency to buy a lot of crap, rather than investing in key pieces. It’s too easy for me to keep buying cheap pieces that don’t look as good and fall apart quickly. It feels like I’m saving money initially, but in the end, I’m probably spending more. I want to try to invest thoughtfully in simple, clean cut pieces that I’ll enjoy for a long time.

3. Get my nose ring back
When I first got my nose pierced I had a ring. I loved it, but the healing process wasn’t going well with curved jewellery. I’ve switched to a stud for the time being while my nose finishes healing (which has been a biatch of a process), but as soon as that little piercing bump has disappeared it’ll be back to the ring for me.

4. Wear more bold lipsticks
I have a massive bold lipstick collection that I barely touch. Living on an island where I work at a laid back job doesn’t exactly feel like the best place to sport a bold lip. But since I’m about to be moving into the city, it seems like the perfect time to give my lippies their moment in the limelight. Nars, it’s all you big guy.

5. Get a tattoo
This is the biggest one for me. I’ve gone back and forth so many times about getting a tattoo. I want one so badly, but I’m terrified of regretting it. It needs to be something sentimental to me. I’ve thought about getting a song name or something to do with music tattooed on my arm, as music was such a huge and important part of my life growing up. I’ve also thought about getting wild flowers tattooed up my arm. They encapsulate this feeling of freedom that I want to be reminded of in my life. It’s such a big decision. I don’t know how to make up my mind. Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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