I did a bad. I spent a lot of money. I’d been lusting after the Tria Hair Removal Laser for ages and ages and now this tasty treat is finally mine. This post isn’t a review by any means, I just wanted to let you guys know that the journey begins now. And it will be narrated by Morgan Freeman… if only in my mind. 

I should first explain that I’ve had a bit of professional laser hair removal done in the past. I’m pretty much the ideal candidate for laser hair removal – I have pale skin and dark hair. Yup, doesn’t get any sexier than that fellas. Luccckkkyy girl. Needless to say it went pretty well. At first that is. The unfortunate thing about laser hair removal is that it’s never really that permanent. After a few years most of it grew back.

So I decided to try a different approach this time. I figured the Tria’s $500 price tag isn’t too crazy in the grand scheme of laser hair removal. This way I can use it over the next few years and touch up whenever I want. The laser isn’t as powerful as a professional device (though is does sting quite a bit on thicker hairs), but it should at least decrease the thickness of the hair, making it less noticeable. I’m not expecting miracles from this device, only to keep things less prickly and more sparse.

If you’re curious to know a little more about how this puppy actually works you’d probably do best to read about it on the Tria website. I’ll keep you guys updated on the results probably every month or so. Hoping it goes well. Wish me luck!