A couple of months ago I got a twitter message from Ella, from Ellabooxo, saying “OMG let’s do a beauty swap.” First of all, I love this girl. Her sense of humour is unstoppable. Second of all, OMG yes. Given my obsession with British bloggers/vloggers, you can imagine how long I’ve lusted after UK cosmetics. Ironically, just a short while after we organized our swap I did a somewhat impromptu trip to Europe, which is how I ended up with doubles of a couple of items. But that’s besides the point. Excitement levels were still high on the day that the package arrived on my doorstep.

Super Facialist By Una Brennan – Rose Hydrate Calming Creamy Cleanser
Where does the title end on this one? Super Facialist is one of those brands that I so wish we had in Canada. Canadian drugstore skincare tends to be a bit boring, whereas the Super Facialist line has a multitude of gorgeous oils, masks and cream cleansers… basically loads of luxurious products at a low price point. I wasn’t sure what to go for from the brand initially, but in the end I decided on this one, as I love rose scents and hydrating cream cleansers. It is extremely hydrating by the way. It actually reminds me of a rosy version of the Ren Evercalm Cleansing Milk.

La Roche Posay Serozinc
I’ve been dying to try this product for so long. I asked Ella to get me some from Escentual before I realized I would be passing through France. I have three bottles now. I REGRET NOTHING.

Kiko Stick Eyeshadow in 05 Rosy Brown
Again, I may have bought this one twice. I couldn’t remember which colour I had asked for when I went into Kiko, but I figure it couldn’t hurt to have it twice. I think this might actually be my favourite eyeshadow of all time. The colour, the formula – everything is on point. It looks almost glossy on the lids and it has fantastic staying power.

L’oreal Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadow 502 Quartz Fume
How have these not come Canada yet? They’re so beautiful. I love that they come as singles, making them travel friendly, and the packaging looks quite luxe what with the embossed detail. I haven’t given this a proper go yet, but it looked extremely pigmented when I swatched it.

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in Fair
I’d been wanting to try out a creamy under eye concealer and this looked interesting to me. It’s not quite as creamy as I’d hoped, but the colour is definitely nice. It’s peachier than a lot of my concealers, making it a good tone to cancel out dark under eye circles.

If you’re curious you can check out what Ella got from Canada here.