Finally, it’s done! I’ve been wanting to do the chop for ages now, but I’m a total hair-cutting-phobic. When I returned from Europe, however, I was feeling confident and ready to make some changes. My sister, who is also my hairdresser, and I had planned to slowly take up the length so as not to freak me out. I headed over to her house one morning and we cut off a few inches. I went on with my day and the hair loss didn’t frighten me at all, so I decided “frack it, let’s finish the job!” Later that night we chopped the rest and I was absolutely tickled!

I may still take it a smidge bit shorter in the future. Not sure yet. What do you guys think? I also think it’ll look better when some of the layers grow out a bit more (I had a lot of short layers before we did the cut). I could definitely use some product suggestions from you guys for creating texture. Hopefully I’ll have some hair styling posts out for you guys in a bit!