The right background and props can really make a photo. I find that changing up the background completely alters the tone of the photo. Likewise, props can add that little something something that helps to create some visual interest. However I often find myself feeling stuck when I go to take a photo. Somehow all ideas seem to fall out of my head. So I wrote myself a list of prop and background go-tos and I thought it might be nice to share it with you guys.


1. Flowers
2. Plants
3. Books – Chapters and Rifle Paper Co are great places to find a beautiful journal
4. Cards/prints – again, Chapters, Rifle Paper Co are good choices, as well as Etsy of course
5. Plates/trays – I got my tiny little catch dishes from Urban Outfitters. Ikea is a good place to look too. Their Skurar trays seem to be a blogger favourite. Also if you live somewhere with an H&M Home check out their beautiful faux marble or copper trays.
6. Jewelry
7. Candles
8. Jars/tins/pots
9. Brushes
10. Phone/tablet
11. Makeup bags

Not Props Per Se

1. Spray paint – if you’ve got an old tray or pot or whatever that needs some sprucing up, try buying a can of metallic finish spray paint (my personal preference being copper) and giving your whatever a good spraying.
2. Get messy – to liven up a photo try getting messy. Fling some powder around or smudge that lipstick on your background. It’ll make the photo look more alive.


1. White poster board
2. Books/magazines
3. Fabric/bedsheets – I often use pieces of clothing (knit sweaters, striped shirts, laces dresses) in my background. They add nice texture.
4. Wrapping paper – again, Rifle Paper Co makes some beautiful wrapping sheets.
5. Sheepskin rug – Ikea does a fantastic faux sheep skin rug for $15.
6. Marble contact paper – Marble contact paper can be a good way to go if you don’t have the budget for marble. They seem to be pretty hit or miss though and it’s always hard to tell from the photo. Homebase does the best one I’ve seen yet.
7. Marble tile – Alternatively, for close up shots you could purchase a marble tile. I got mine from Home Depot for around $7. I also bought some very convincing faux marble tiles for under $2.
8. Wooden planks – You don’t have to have wooden floorboards in your house. I went to my local building center, picked out some planks with a nice texture, had them cut into 2 foot lengths, took them home and painted them white. I put them together for photos, then take them back apart.