Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage vs Mac Studio Finish Concealer

I’ve been a long time lover of the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. However, I always wondered how the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage would compare. I looked around for a post on the matter, but I couldn’t seem to find one anywhere. Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and throw my $41 at Sephora. I just chucked it right at the sales assistant. Right in her face. I kid. But I did take Secret Camouflage home with me, giving me the opportunity to do a little comparison of the two for anyone out there who has also been wondering what the key differences are.

I always thought of MAC Studio Finish Concealer as a fairly stiff product. Enough so that it takes a some work to blend it under the eyes. Now that I’ve tried Secret Camouflage… it brings new meaning to the word stiff. It’s extremely waxy and solid, to the point that I actually find it challenging to get it off the brush and to stick to my face. It does seem to be getting slightly easier to work with over time – perhaps the top layer is waxier. Nevertheless, I find that by far the best way to use this product is to add a drop of foundation to the back of your hand and to cut the product with it. It only takes the tiniest bit of foundation, but it softens it enough that it suddenly becomes workable. The up side to the solid texture is that it means the product is very long lasting.

As for the difference in pigmentation, that’s where Secret Camouflage has a slight upper hand. I was told by a Laura Mercier rep that it’s composed of 99% pigment. I don’t know if that’s true, but I could believe it. Both products are highly pigmented, but the Secret Camouflage will block out those red blemishes that bit better. I also like that Laura Mercier provides you with two tones of concealer. It allows you to custom mix your shade depending on what you want to correct or whether or not you have a tan.

So which one would I go for? I think it depends. If you want a great concealer that’s quite easy to work with (and half the price) then I’d say MAC Studio Finish will be your friend. But if you’re looking for something with that tiny bit more coverage and lasting power and you’re willing to do a little mixing, then I think it’s worth investing in the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.

Anyone else tried both? Thoughts?