I have put off writing this post for ages. I guess I wanted to be a little more experienced with Youtube myself before I got into this subject, but the Youtube thing seems to have fallen by the wayside for now. So no more procrastinating. I’m finally talking about my favourite Youtubers. This is a wonderful subject for me because I actually got into Youtube well before I got into the blogging community and a lot of these women ignited my passion for the beauty industry.

Lisa Eldridge
I feel as though I have to mention Lisa Eldridge first. She was the first beauty Youtuber I ever discovered and truly where my beauty education and obsession began. It was because of her videos that I went to makeup school and started this blog. To me, she’s perfection. She puts so much thought into each look and explains her process with such articulation. I couldn’t ask for more.

Essie Button
Estee is another Youtuber that I just can’t get enough of, but for a different reason. Her channel is so, so much fun. I think out of every Youtuber, she’s the one that I could just sit down and listen to talking about absolutely anything. She’s marvelously down to Earth and hilarious at the same time. I love that she brings the weird with no shame. That’s my kind of Canadian homeslice. I also love her vlog channel. Her and Aslan make a fantastic team.

Vivianna Does Makeup
No surprise that I’m including Anna. Everyone loves Anna. She’s sweet and lovely and her makeup taste is spot on for me. I trust her recommendations implicitly, as her aesthetic is very similar to mine. I love that natural, but slightly defined look that she does so well. I also love watching her and Lily together. It’s nice to see all these partnerships form on Youtube.

The Chapman sisters were another huge part of my makeup education. I’ve learned so much from them over the years and I think they’re such phenomenal, strong women. I love that Sam has been open about her frustrations with Youtube and I love that she ventures into more abstract makeup looks. I dream of one day taking one of their courses in London.

Tanya Burr
I used to watch Tanya back when she was pixiwoo2. That was some time ago now, but my love for her hasn’t wavered. She’s the ultimate go to for glamorous makeup tutorials and also for a good pick me up. She’s a positive person and it seems very genuine. It’s wonderful that she’s also open about her struggles with anxiety. It’s important for individuals with influence to be honest about such things. So thank you to Tanya for that.

Sharon Farrel
Dat accent. Oh lordly. I love me some Sharon. Even if her makeup tastes are a bit more daring than mine, I’m always excited to watch her videos. I find her makeup tips and techniques to be so helpful. She’s dang talented and quite hilarious. She’s also a smart and thoughtful woman. I loved that in her recent post about covering bruises, she thought to post links to help for domestic abuse victims.

Claire Marshall
Claire is one of my newer follows… though I’ve probably been following her for about a year, which tells you how long I’ve followed these other ladies for. I instantly fell for her though. She is the epitome of cool without feeling try-hard. I love her tattoos, her hair, her style, her makeup. Everything. Her videos are such high quality. The music and the editing is next level. Dang. You can tell that she really strives to bring something new to the table and man does she ever achieve it.

Ah Sammi, I remembered when I first discovered Sammi. I binge watched the bejesus out of her videos. Her look books are by far one of the best in my mind. She also puts a lot of effort into helping others. I think it’s incredibly admirable that she’s spoken out about her experiences with domestic abuse. Sadly, it was equally disgusting to see the reaction that a lot of the Youtube community had. Still, there were a lot of people cheering her on, which is worth remembering.

I Covet Thee
I’ve watched Alix from almost her very first video. She has grown so much in confidence and style and her aesthetic has developed into one that I’m quite envious of. There’s something about her videos that are so lovely to watch. They’re bright and beautiful and her voice is soft and nice… sounding creepy now. She’s one of those people that I’m always excited to see a new video from. I’m also crazy about her blog. A lot of Youtubers just do the blog as a side project, but Alix wholeheartedly throws herself into both.