I love having a good snoop around in other peoples’ drawers, particularly their makeup drawers. Seeing as I’ve done my fair share of snooping in all of your drawers at this point (start locking your doors) it seemed only fair that I offer up mine for inspection. Like the rest of the beauty blogging world, I’ve gone out and got myself a nice Ikea Malm dressing table. I look at a number of other desks from Ikea, but the Malm ended up being a fairly affordable option in comparison, considering it has a drawer compartment.

I’ve pretty well decked myself out in all the Ikea. On top of my dresser I’ve got a Skurar candle holder to put a few skincare bits and bobs in. I’ve got a Tysnes table mirror in the middle there, which is convenient for getting uncomfortably up close and personal when doing my makeup. I’ve stored my brushes in a couple of old mason jars and the acrylic lipstick holder is from Homesense. The mini drawer set is absolute junk and I don’t have the heart to recommend it to anyone. I’ll replace it at some point.

In terms of storage inside the drawers I got a bit crafty. I purchased a couple of kitchen flatware trays (Rationell flatware tray) and spray painted them white. They fit pretty perfectly into the Malm dressing table, with just a smidge of space left on the side for palettes. I know I don’t have the most beautiful array of makeup in my drawers, but that’s reality. I don’t have 30 YSL lipsticks that I can line up in there, but I consider myself pretty darn lucky to have all that I do.

Finally I’ve got a couple of prints above the dressing table that are framed in some Ikea Ribba frames.

  • *swoons 17th century style* – super dreamy as always. Love the gypsophila too, they have become my new fave flower as the bunch I have on my desk are a month old but still look super cute!

  • What a great ideia to use the kitchen trays to organize! It looks really neat! Hoping that IKEA opens its door in Brazil so I can buy this cute candle holder hehe πŸ™‚

  • I also love looking into other's drawers πŸ˜‰ Thank you lol

  • looks so nice and organised – love it ! x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  • This is SO beautiful! I love the size of your collection, there's nothing worse than a 27 minute video of someone rattling off all of their individual MAC eye shadows.

  • Love the look of your storage, it's so neat and well organised! x

  • I really wish New Zealand had an IKEA, I would LOVE to get a new desk and other things from there.

    Emma |

  • I am in SERIOUS need of some drawer storage! I've got my favourites on my desk in a little acrylic stand but the majority of my stuff is in cosmetic bags and I'm always forgetting about it πŸ™

  • Ohh you've just made my storage look ten times worse! Definitely off to Ikea as well now!

    Annabel β™₯
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • I love the clean look! My makeup collection is not nearly as big as many beauty bloggers or youtubers out there, but I'm still proud of what I have as well πŸ™‚ I think your collection is so pretty in those drawers, and I wish mine would be that organized! I would love a dressing table in my future apartment, but for now, I can look at others and be happy πŸ™‚

    Emily |

  • Ooh the little organizational elf that lives in my heart is totally enjoying this! Those flatware trays are such a good idea – I may have to look into that.
    XO Camey

  • Such a lovely space. I love that mirror, I nearly picked it up in ikea last time I went! x


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  • You're putting the inside of my malm dresser to shame, haha. I stash mine with hair rollers, beauty samples and packets of contact lenses! Thanks for the inspo girl.

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  • It's so pretty! With my storage I attempted a sort of 'organised clutter' aesthetic, but, well, it's definitely more clutter than organised…

    ellabooxo | beauty & lifestyle

  • I have no memory it what I did before I had this table. I think I must have just stuffed everything I own into various makeup bags.

  • Oh I have a little set of drawers in room that is filled with that kind of stuff. Haha I just didn't photograph it.

  • I like the one you had in you dressing table pics. It was nice and elegant.

  • Organization elf. Is that a thing that people say? I love it! There is definitely something so satisfying about seeing things grouped and lined up.

  • It is handy for that – having everything right there and easy to see. Yet I still feel like I only ever end up wearing about 5% of my makeup. There's just not a good time to wear a red lipstick when you work in a grocery store. It's kind of a bummer.

  • I feel that way about H&M home here.

  • When you see the Alex drawers you know it's going to be a long one.

  • Haha glad I'm not alone in that.

  • Nice organization. I have the malm table too, and I love it

  • Your blog is amazing. Such a lovely way to organise your make up too x

  • I love how nice and tidy your makeup collection is!

    Sophia //

  • It all look so perfectly organized and neat, I love it! That mirror is amazing, I haven't bought it yet only because I don't have a proper place for it at the moment πŸ˜‰ xx
    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  • I love getting to see other people's makeup storage! It's like a secret guilty pleasure of mine, haha. I need to get that Malm dresser, but we don't have an Ikea anywhere nearby.

    xo Mandy | A Girl, Obsessed

  • the malm is really a good option for makeup storage. i love that you used mason jars to store your brushes – such a cute idea. haven't seen that one yet.

    le jolie

  • Haha thanks. Good thing because I'm quite confident I'll never have those 30 YSL lipsticks.

  • I have an odd desire to put everything in mason jars.

  • So much white!
    It's wonderful!

  • Your blog is so calming and beautiful. I can never get over it. If my desk is ever that clean and neat, the end must be near haha! I'm utterly jealous of your setup, it's looking mighty fine πŸ™‚

  • Haha thanks Ugne. I'm actually not usually that tidy of a person, but for some reason when I comes to makeup I keep in pristine. I've stolen my sister's makeup bag and cleaned the entire thing a few times now. I can't stand it.

  • I feel you! My mom still has makeup brushes from before I was born, and she thinks they're perfectly fine to keep dusty and in somewhat-use. Agh.

    *silently cringes*

  • It a little bit hurts me inside when I hear that. I can be a germaphobe sometimes.