This time of year always feels like we must finally be coming out of this long and arduous winter and heading into spring. But guess what? February’s here to remind us that we’re not. It’s still winter and we can just suck it as far as February is concerned. Frankly, it’s real bastard of a month. So what can we do to fight back? Dang it, we’re going to act like it’s spring anyways! Time to crack out the bright colours and dewy finishes my friends. Let’s take matter into our own hands. Let’s fight this fight. Let’s see the light once more. Let’s… brighten our complexions. Yeah, that last one lacked dramatic effect. Shall we move onto the 5 tricks to brighten your complexion?

1. Light reflective concealer
I think possibly the most effective trick for brightening up the face is to use a light reflective concealer under your eyes that’s one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Light reflective concealers are a great choice for under eye circles that aren’t too severe because they don’t look at all cakey, but they effectively brighten the area by bouncing light.

When you’re using a lighter shade of concealer you want to be sure to apply it in a triangle shape under the eyes. Placing it only where your dark circles are can look awkward and obvious. Sticking to the triangle shape helps to better disguise the concealer and also brings more light to the whole center of your face.


2. Bright blush
Bright blush is one of those things that often scares people when they see it in the pan. However, if you use it with a light hand it can do wonderful things. It instantly perks up your skin and adds a youthful, healthy look. It can also bring some colour back into the face after using a lighter concealer. I find that generally a cool toned pink has the most brightening effect. Cream formulas are particularly good as they have the added bonus of leaving a dewy finish to the skin. Stila’s Convertible Color in Fuschia or Jouer’s Cheek Tint in Peony are a couple of great choices.


3. Cream highlighter
Highlighters are like an instant cheat. Anywhere you go they’ll have your back, finding the light and basking in it. A little highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and on the cupid’s bow will leave you looking like a you’ve got a wonderful pregnant glow, sans the pregnant. Again here, cream formulas are the way to go. They look great for both day and night and they have that extra dewy look due to the fact that they don’t set. Using a colour that’s light and icy, like Jouer’s Camellia or MAC’s Cream Colour Base in Luna or Pearl, will have maximum brightening impact.


4. Inner corner highlighter
If you want to further brighten up any dark under eye circles and add a little twinkle to your eyes, using an inner corner highlight will be your friend. Taking the shadow not just in your tear duct, but also slightly down into the curve of the under eye, will add an extra brightening effect. A light, warm toned shadow with some degree of shimmer works best for this. MAC Nylon is a beautiful choice if you want to go all out, whereas if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, MAC Mylar might be more suitable.


5. Curl your lashes, then curl them some more
If you want to open up your eyes (another effective way to wake up the face) then you’re going to need to whip out the lash curlers. Give ’em a good, long curl at the root and then a few more pumps working your way up the lash. Following up with a waterproof mascara will help to lock the curl in place. I’m a big fan of the L’oreal Telescopic Mascara as it adds length and separation, both of which add to that bright eyed effect.




  • Bright pink blush definitely is my holy grail when I want to look fresher! I can't believe what a difference it makes!
    Also, this look really suits you, so simple and natural!


  • Great post! Thanks šŸ˜‰
    I always use a lighter concealer to brighten my undereye šŸ˜‰


  • Such a lovely post šŸ™‚ Your skin looks flawless! I love an inner corner highlight. Great tips! x


  • your photography is beautiful! lovely post x


  • Thank you for the very helpful light-reflecting-concealer-under-the-eyes-in-triangle-formation photo! I've only recently started using concealer under my eyes and have a tendency to look like I fell asleep in the sun with swimming goggles on. Duly noted. šŸ˜‰
    XO Camey

  • Loved the end look, I have really gotten into inner corner highlighter it's amazing it really opens up your eyes.

    Zeynab x

    The Beauty Load

  • Your photography is beautiful <3 Lovely tips, I always forget how lovely bright blushes can be. February is such a dull month I always struggle to add colour into my make-up. The final look is so pretty!

    Becki | http://www.beautyandthebrunette.co.uk xxx

  • Such a great post (as per usual) ! I'm obsessed with bright blushes at the moment x

    Anna | pretty pretentious

  • what a freaking BABE! I always love an inner corner highlight, ever since I was a kid watching Carmindy do makeovers on What Not to Wear, it makes such a difference
    Allison from http://www.mercuteify.com

  • Finding a light reflective concealer was the best thing I've done in a long. But how stunning are you lady? Cor!

    Annabel ā™„
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Great tips! Love the nose ring, btw. So cute!

  • Awesome tips, loved reading. I really want to get more into highlighter. Any good drugstore options to start out? P.S. I love your blog


  • Aww yiss, lookin' good girl! We're actually heading into Autumn over here, but seriously, the weather is still hot like a mofo! Surprisingly I haven't tried a light reflective concealer yet (thankfully I don't have very dark circles) but I should definitely try one out just for the brightening effects! šŸ™‚

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • I love the look of your blush! And I really need to remember the inner corner highlight, it really does make a huge difference.

    Kelsey | kelseybeauty.blogspot.com

  • This is such a lovely look, and the tips are all really helpful to a makeup novice like myself! I love the idea of putting some eyeshadow in the corner of your eye, I'm definitely going to try that out tomorrow!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • Absolutely stunning. Gorgeous photographs and some really good tips. I think that highlighter makes a huge difference to how bright your complexion looks x


  • This was such a lovely, helpful post! You look flawless xx


  • I love the blush and the cream highlight! I was wondering, what eyelash curler do you use? I'm on the hunt for a new one šŸ™‚

    Tweezers and Tongs

  • Ugh why are you so pretty?!
    But yeah, i love highlighting the inner corners, it's one of the only things that can draw attention away from my dark circles!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  • You look lovely! xx

  • Why thank you! Simple makeup is always my favourite.

  • You're not so bad yourself you know! Loved that Paint It Black Post.
    And yes, inner corner highlight makes a world of difference. It's crazy how a tiny little speck of makeup can drastically open up your whole face.

  • Haha I actually use an old ELF eyelash curler that they discontinued. It's so good though. Wish they still had it. I'm thinking I'm going to go for the Japonesque Power Curlers next though because they have that free replacement pad program which is pretty awesome. Shu Uemera doesn't even sell replacement pads.

  • Thanks. I'll admit it helps though when you blast the crap out of your face with studio lights. Glad the post was helpful!

  • I remember first discovering highlighter and being like "ohhh this is how movie stars look like that all the time." Amazing stuff it is.

  • I'm really glad it was helpful. There's so much stuff that I don't write about because I think "no, everyone already knows that," but then I have to remind myself that mayb not everyone has watched every makeup youtube video to exist in the past few years like I have. Can you say addiction?

  • I do love a good cream blush I must say.

  • Crippled with envy right now. The cold is relentless here. Plus I live in one of the rainiest cities in Canada. It never stops. If you find a stranger lurking in your house one day, it'll be me, having migrated away from the rain and towards the sunshine.

  • Yeah! Revlon makes some lovely liquid ones – Revlon Photoready Skin Lights. Plus if you have a Topshop near you you could check out their Glow Pots.

  • Thank you!

  • Haha oh my. Thank you. I went through three tubes of the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer when I discovered it. Sew gewd.

  • Yesssss!! Thank you! I always used to watch What Not To Wear and I loved the Carmindy makeover bit, especially when she got a hold of bad brows.

  • Amen sista! I'm always trying to convert people to bright blushes.

  • Thank you. Yeah, but the time February rolls around I'm using feeling pretty desperate for some light and colour.

  • I was so glad I discovered that trick when I did. "The Blake Lively trick."

  • Haha! Amazing. Yeah it doesn't really matter if it's the same colour as your skin tone. But when you're going lighter, as Bun B tells us in the famous "Git it" song, you gotta "drop it down low."
    Iunno. I tried something there.

  • Thank you. That means a lot to me. I try pretty hard with the photography.

  • Thank you thank you!

  • I'm not a Kim Kardashian fan, but I've got to give points to her (actually her makeup artist) for bringing that technique back.

  • I'm really obsessed with that Jouer Peony blush right now. It's amazing how healthy it looks.

  • Dear lord I'm so in love with you.

  • Haha, we just had days and days of torrential rain from a tropical cyclone passing by so don't get too jelly šŸ˜‰

  • Why are we not married yet?

  • You look utterly gorgeous in these pictures!xx

  • My best tip is to apply a little powder highlighter right under your lower lash line — I don't even know why it works, it just makes me look happier. Magic!

  • I love that look too! It works well for me because my eyes are just a tiny bit deep set so it helps to bring them back forward and brighten them.

  • Thank you so much :3

  • Love this look! Really like a good brightened complexion, it makes literally all the different. You look so nice on those pictures! šŸ™‚

  • You look amazing! I need to find a good light reflecting concealer. But I'm afraid I'm so pale that a concealer to brighten up my eyes doesn't exist xD Or maybe it's just white. Inner corner highlighting is a step I do most days! Makes such a difference šŸ™‚

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • It's ridiculous that brands 'make' you get a new eyelash curler when all you need are replacement pads. I'm thinking about getting the Kevin Aucoin ones (I've heard they're good and they're not too expensive). I'll have a look at the Japonesque ones too! Thanks šŸ™‚

  • This is the type of look that makes me feel most confident – simple and healthy.

  • Such a gorgeous look, my kind of look for the spring months šŸ™‚

    Kate xo // http://www.beautybabbles.com

  • I used to power through marathons just watching it for Nick and Carmindy to work their magic

  • The Clinique Airbrush Concealer has a ton a colours in that range. I wonder if they'd be any good.

  • thanks I'll look into it!